The BackyardiCATS

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I don’t know exactly where these cats came from but they have been with us for quite some time. Actually, there are more than five cats living in our backyard but they usually come and go. These cats know exactly what to do every time I open the back door. They would rush near the door and make some noises–meow! meow! meow! It makes them excited whenever they hear the squeaking sound of the plate. For them, it signals that there is food on the way. Oh well, just some left overs and there’s not much for each of them. So, it’s a battle of the fastest, and the fastest cat gets the food, yum!
We haven’t really thought of giving them names but I think the black cat’s name is Batman, and that’s according to my son, Kurt.

Near my aunt’s house, there are piles of boxes and stuff, and these cats have somehow made this area a place where they can just sleep and relax. Just take a look at the photo above. The cat seems so comfortable resting  just like lazy Garfield.


The way to a man’s heart…

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I am quite sure you have all heard about this famous quote, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”  Well, for me it could be maybe, possibly or perhaps absolutely? It’s not that I want to defend myself of not being a good cook. I admit that I am not a kitchen-person, though there are times I like experimenting in the kitchen–good thing the dishes don’t end up tasting like an experiment gone wrong.

Here’s a little humor about this quote:

“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”

–only when he’s hungry. Try saying this when he’s on a full stomach. I bet you’ll go crazy calling him for dinner when he’s busy in front of his PC monitor.

–if you can’t cook ladies, let’s try the other way. Men are not hungry for food alone but they’re hungry for you. He’ll love you more for this.

So, just remember ladies, there are may ways through a man’s heart. We just need to figure out which way.

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