Charice performed a two-hour concert in Doha

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Charice Pempengco

Charice rocked the stage in Khalifa Stadium with her one of a kind voice which led fans to a total amazement. The concert in Doha which was held last Thursday, September 29 was her first ever solo concert and it was also her first time to perform in Doha, Quatar.

The fans may have felt a bit short on Charice’s performance since she only performed for about 2 hours. On the other hand, though it was just a two-hour performance, fans were still satisfied and overwhelmed seeing and listening to their idol. Filipino fans were very much elated to be up close and personal with the Filipina singing sensation and today’s most promising international singer.

Charice was thankful to her fans in Doha for the warm welcome she received. During the concert, she took time to thank all her fans and supporters.

“Mahal ko po kayo, thank you so much for coming here. First of all, I am very very honored to perform here tonight. Thank you so much for having me here. To all the people behind the show, thank you so much for having me here. It’s such an honor, thank you po, whoever you are, non-Filipinos, Filipinos, kabayan, maraming-maraming salamat po. Thank you so much,” said Charice.


Westlife member Nicky Byrne, a big fan of Pacquiao

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Westlife, Gravity Tour 2011

Gravity Tour 2011 is Westlife’s latest world concert tour and Philippines is one of the band’s favorite places to hold their concert. In fact, it’s already their fourth visit here in the Philippines. The first ever Westlife concert was held 11 years ago.

In a press conference held last Thursday, hours before the Gravity Tour 2011 concert, Kian said, “We come to the Philippines and we get a response like this after many years… maybe we’re doing something right”

Feehily further added saying that the connection they have with their Filipino fans is a “magical experience.”

The Westlife concert held yesterday, September 29, 2011 was a complete blast. The said concert took place at Araneta Coliseum where thousands of screaming fans cheered for their all-time favorite Irish band. The group is composed of Nicky Byrne, Shane Filan, Kian Egan, and Mark Feehily.

Meanwhile, one of the Westlife members is a self-confessed Manny Pacquiao fan. In a Skype interview by GMA 7 with Westlife member Nicky Byrne, weeks before the concert, he said, “I’m probably the biggest Pacquiao fan out of all the Westlife boys.”

“When I found out we were going to the Philippines, I would love to meet Manny Pacquiao, and maybe do a duet.”

“I thought one day I could maybe interview him, meet him, get a photograph with him, do some boxing with him.”

Surely, Byrne is one of Manny Pacquiao’s biggest fans. In his tweeter account @nickbyrneoffic, he tweeted, “I would be grateful to just shake Manny’s hand.”

Vice Ganda takes the lead role as Praybeyt Benjamin

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Vice Ganda

It’s undeniable that Vice Ganda is reaping all the good stuff out of his career—endorsements, TV hosting, and movie projects. Now, another opportunity on the silver screen has come his way.

Vice Ganda is back on the wide screen as he delivers another funny antics in his latest upcoming movie entitled Praybeyt Benjamin directed by Wenn Deramas under Star Cinema and Viva Films.

Praybeyt Benjamin is totally different from his last movie Petrang Kabayo. His character in Praybeyt Benjamin undergoes training in a military camp in his quest to prove that he’s a real man to his grandfather when in fact he is totally gay.

Alongside with him in this funny comedy film Praybeyt Benjamin are Derek Ramsay, Dennis Padilla, Jimmy Santos, Nikki Valdez, Kian Cipriano, Malou de Guzman Vandolph Quizon, and veteran actor Eddie Garcia.

In a recent press conference held at Dolphy Theater in ABS-CBN, Vice Ganda said, “Sobrang pasasalamat ko sa Diyos sa hindi natatapos na biyaya sa akin.”

“Ang gaan-gaan. Yung grupo namin eh para kaming magbabarkada at hindi mo ramdam yung pagod.”

Vice further added, “I assure you that you will come out of the theater laughing your way home after seeing the movie,”

“Ang hindi sumakit ang tiyan sa katatawa, bibigyan ko ng deadly horse kick,” said Vice Ganda.

Praybeyt Benjamin is a sure hit to movie fans as it graces the big screen on October 12, 2011 in movie theatres nationwide.

Featured Profile: Xyriel Manabat


Xyriel Manabat

The very talented child star Xyriel Manabat allures audiences in her role as young Anna Manalastas in 100 days to heaven. Xyriel’s famous line “kuha mo?” in 100 days to heaven has become one of pinoy’s favorite expressions.

Xyriel has an unbelievable talent portraying the role of an adult trapped in a little kid’s body. This little girl’s acting prowess surely amazes everyone who watches her act in 100 days to heaven.

Xyriel started out as one of the contestants in a reality search Star Circle Quest: Search for the Next Kiddie Idol. However, she only ended up 3rd place in the said competition.

Prior to her role as Anna Manalastas in 100 days to heaven, she was starred in various minor roles. Her big break came when she played the role of Agua and Bendita. Soon after her performance in the hit TV primetime show Agua Bendita, she was given an opportunity to star in her own show Momay.

On won Best Child Actor of the 36th Metro Manila Film Festival for the film Ang Tanging Ina (Last na ‘To!) on December 26, 2010.

Full Name: Xyriel Ann Bustamante Manabat

Nickname: Xyriel

Age: 7

Birth Date: January 27, 2004

Birth Place: Taytay, Rizal

Birth Sign: Aquarius

Parents: Dianne Bustamante Manabat (mother) and Michael John Manabat (father)

Occupation: child actress

We hope to see more of Xyriel as she embarks another character role soon after her TV primetime show 100 days to heaven . For now, let’s enjoy this little girl’s acting talent playing the role of Anna Manalastas.

When A Man Blames A Woman, he blames her “BIG TIME”


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If a man happens to cheat on a woman, he gets the excuse of “being a man” and somehow manages to escape public scrutiny. Manhood and nature are his alibi–an excuse which a man often gets out clean.

“I was tempted…”I became weak”…”I AM SORRY!” A simple “I AM SORRY” makes a woman’s heart soft. A woman makes all the willingness to excuse his man’s unflattering ways of looking into another woman’s face with his “oh-so-sorry” dramatic lines. It’s ironic that a woman falls weak to his man’s plea after her man falls weak due to his so-called “nature.”

A woman manages to keep her pain long enough just to make amends with the man she feels deeply important to her. Although hurt, she still puts on her smile. Although broken, she keeps mending her wounded spirit. And although shuttered, she lets all bad things pass her way.

But, when a woman makes one false move, a man gives her the worst remarks she could get. Man throws all the blame to his woman making her feel she’s the worst worthless being on earth. Each word cuts her deeply until she’s almost like a shredded piece of trash as good as nothing. He curses his woman like a sinner whose sins are unforgivable and likens her to a stinking whore whose life is totally wrecked and wasted.

When a man say and act this way to his woman, does he ever try looking at himself too and wonder if he’s too clean to pinpoint dirt at his woman? A man hardly accepts a broken ego–the more if it’s his own woman who causes it. When a man blames her woman, he blames her BIG TIME!

Featured Profile: Venus Raj



Venus Raj

Venus Raj is one of the most controversial Filipina beauty queens in the Philippines. She was stripped off of her crown and title as a Binibining Pilipinas (Miss Philippines-Universe) a few weeks after the pageant which was held on March 6, 2010.

The beauty queen was dethroned due to the inconsistencies found on her birth certificate and her (Venus) claim that she was born in Doha, Quatar. There was even a debate whether Venus Raj is a Filipino citizen or not. The Filipina beauty queen, on the other hand, sought the help of a legal expert to help her reclaim the title of Binibining Pilipinas on the grounds that she is indeed a citizen of the Philippines.

According to the Department of Foreign Affairs, Raj is a Philippine citizen by virtue of the jus sanguinis principle (“right of blood”), a basic right provided by the Philippine Constitution which bestows upon a person the citizenship of his father or mother regardless of where the person was born, thus declaring her of Filipino citizenship.

On April 10, 2010, she was reinstated as the 2010 Binibining Pilipinas by the Binibining Pilipinas Charities, Inc. The reason for her reinstatement was solely due to humanitarian reasons.

In August 2010, she went to the United States to compete for the Miss Universe crown, and fortunately she landed 4th place in the said competition.

Full Name: Maria Venus Bayonito Raj

Screen Name: Venus Raj

Age: 23

Birth Date: July 7, 1988

Birth Place: Doha, Quatar

Birth Sign: Cancer

Height: 5 foot and 9 inches

Education: Diploma in Communication Arts major in Journalism at the Bicol University. She graduated with Latin honors (Cum Laude)

Beauty titles:     Miss Philippines Eco Tourism 2008

Binibining Pilipinas Universe 2010

Miss Universe 2010 4th runner-up


Major competitions:       Miss Philippines Earth

Miss Philippines Eco Tourism 2008

Binibining Pilipinas 2010

Miss Universe 2010



Blind Item: Award-winning actor is already a young dad

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This award-winning young actor seems to be struggling with his career nowadays. Although he still does some shows on television, he no longer gets many TV offers like before. His career seems to have fallen a bit slow in terms of exposure and TV projects.

The young actor was rumored to have impregnated a young actress from another station, and accordingly, this young star had already given birth to a bouncing baby girl.

At a very tender age, the award-winning actor and the young star have so many things to do for their career. Unfortunately, some things don’t go their way. Sometimes, certain situations arise in the middle of nowhere.

Months before the birth of their baby, some have noticed that the young star rarely appear on television. On the other hand, the young actor also faced a similar dilemma.

The young couple was said to have been introduced to each other by a common friend. Eventually, romance sparked between the two which led to the young star’s pregnancy.

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