Despite Congressman Romulo’s announcement that he and Shalani are already engaged, the TV host of  Wil Time Big Time, Shalani Soledad, has not yet given any official statement about her being engaged to Pasig Rep. Ramon Romulo.

Yesterday, in a TV news program interview, Shalani said that she would be doing an exclusive interview about the details of their engagement.

Meanwhile, the TV host was in a hurry while being interviewed by the reporter. According to Shalani, it was almost 6 pm, just few minutes before the show Wil time Big Time starts.

During the said interview yesterday, a glimpse of the engagement ring was seen on Shalani’s finger. According to reports, the diamond ring is an heirloom handed by the congressman’s mother, Mrs. Rosie Lovely Tecson Romulo.

Congressman Ramon Romulo, 44 and TV host and Valenzuela City councilor Shalani Soledad, 31, were engaged a week ago. The said engagement proposal took place at the Our Lady of Fatima in Valenzuela. The congressman’s effort paid off and won Shalani’s heart.

Before Romulo proposed the lady councilor, he first sought permission from Shalani’s mother, Evelyn, and formally asked for the daughter’s hand in marriage. Shalani’s mother admired the congressman’s effort in asking her blessings before the Pasig Representative finally proposed Shalani two weeks ago.