Few months ago, I had a full-time job with a stable income. I worked as a preschool teacher. All I had to do was prepare my lesson and teach and play with the students.

The school where I worked was established in 2006, and I was one of the pioneer teachers. At that time, there were only four teachers with not more than 40 students. I was lucky that among the many applicants who applied for the job, I was chosen despite my educational background. There was really a huge disparity between the job I was applying for and my course description. Imagine, from a Political Science graduate to a full-time preschool teacher. Although I took professional education course way back 2004, it was still way different from early childhood education.

Another opportunity came when I happened to read a post at a local online classified ads. Again, I didn’t have any second thoughts. I immediately sent my application and resume online to the address that was posted on that site. I got excited at the thought of becoming an Online English teacher, but then again I didn’t have any experience teaching online, however, it didn’t stop me from trying my luck. Just like my first job, I was assigned as the marketing assistant and circulation-in-charge for a publishing company, and the challenging part was the time I was tasked to do bookkeeping. Who wouldn’t fret? I was studying the constitution of the Philippines and the next thing I knew, I was already doing some computations and payrolls–definitely out of my league.

One day, I received a message through my cellphone. The message came from the manager of the Online English school, and I was literally having cold feet and hands. I got nervous when I read the message that I would be interviewed later that day. So, basically the rest was history. I got the job–yeepee!

Did I quit from my daytime job as a preschool teacher? No, I didn’t. I was literally in the act of juggling from daytime to night time job. Soon, I found myself too exhausted trying to balance my time–work, family, and self.

First, I gave up online teaching, and months later, I quit my daytime job as a preschool teacher. The next thing I knew I was already unemployed. At first, I enjoyed the freedom of just staying at home–relaxed and carefree. I had a new title on my name–full-time mother and homemaker. I spent my time surfing the internet while my son was in school and while my hubby was busy working.

While browsing, the word “freelancer” popped into my mind. I had been eyeing on becoming a freelancer even before I quit my two jobs. I remembered having thoughts of becoming a freelancer and entrepreneur. I did some research on freelancing, and I found many home-based teaching jobs and so many other online jobs that I can do at home.

It has been less than a month since I finally decided to give it (freelancing) a go, and then I realized that it’s not easy to be an online freelancer. I am in the process of learning and getting helpful tips from experts who have managed to make it as a freelancer. I just wish that I won’t run out of patience and hope.

Hopefully, I can manage to do more online jobs like article writing, blogging, and any similar jobs. Thus, gaining more experiences mean gaining more projects and income.

The internet is a difficult world to thrive in but soon you’ll learn to settle. It’s like a maze that you need to find your way around. You are definitely on your own trying to make a mark in the online industry where aggressiveness, determination, creativity, patience, perseverance, and resourcefulness play a major role.

I am a freelancer and it’s a jump start to a new career.