I am quite sure that cakes would surely be the choice of every man’s palate. Cakes are the most frequently served desert during special occasions–birthdays, weddings, christening, graduation, valentine’s, thanksgiving, Christmas or just even during ordinary days.

Don’t you just love to take a bite on that soft and moist, delectable cake? I would definitely take a big bite. Pies also taste good, but I am not a big fan of it. Here in the Philippines, the most common pies that people often buy or bake are egg pies, pineapple pies, and “buko”  (coconut meat) pies.

In the U.S., I guess the most common home made pie is the apple pie. I haven’t tried apple pie yet, so I really do not have any idea how it tastes like. Perhaps, it tastes like apple…huh?! Just kidding! Of course, obviously it tastes like apple lest it wouldn’t be called an apple pie if it tastes like mango or pineapple.

Like pies, cakes also come in different variety. The most popular of all is the chocolate cake with a chocolate filling that makes one go woot with its sinful taste.