TV5's New Host, Aga Muhlach

The award-winning actor, Aga Muhlach is now under an exclusive contract with TV5. He is the host of  TV5’s new edutainment program called “The Pinoy Explorer” where he will be traveling to many different places around the globe with an aim to educate the Filipino viewers in discovering the wonder’s of the world–places, people, artifacts, and history.

The said TV program does not only showcase trips to other places but it also educate the viewers and take them to a journey of discovery using cutting-edge technology.

Pinoy Explorer aired on Philippine TV last Sunday, September 18, 20011 and it premiered with a pilot episode on dinosaurs. The renowned dinosaur center in Wyoming was featured in this show. Sophisticated 3d dinosaur clips  from the “Clash of the Titans” series and BBC’s “Walking with Dinosaurs” were used to let viewers visually explore how dinosaurs reigned supreme on earth once a upon a time.

According to reports, Pinoy Explorer got the highest pilot rating when it was aired last Sunday at 6:30 pm compared to other TV shows in other networks based on the Neilsen Media Research.

Indeed, the edutainment program, Pinoy Explorer is a big hit to viewers of all ages. Many viewers will be anticipating its next featured episode, and will be looking forward to upcoming great episodes every Sunday only at TV5’s Pinoy Explorer.