Andi Eiganmann in Star Studio magazine October issue

Pregant and loving it! This is how Andi Eiganmann wants to project to the public as she graces the cover of the October 2011 issue of Star Studio magazine. The young actress and expectant mother proudly shows off her baby bump wearing a nice and chic, pink dress, still looking pretty as ever.

A preview in the magazine cover talks about how Andi worries about raising her child alone without the “baby daddy” and being ready to move on.

“Things might have gone wrong in the past. I might have gotten hurt before. But I can always start over again.” said Andi in her interview by the SSM.

In another interview with Andi, she tells the press that she still hopes that one day she will be able to meet mr. right who will bring her to the altar and most importantly, to accept and love her child.

Andi won’t simply let this phase of her life put her down. Instead, she goes out strong and determined not letting these trials undermine her as a person. Her family’s support also helps her stay tough despite the major setback at this point of her career.

Andi Eiganmann, 21, is expected to give birth in November 2011. She is now on her 7th month.