Who is this singer-actress whose mom allegedly scavenged a comedienne’s belongings? Soon after this mom discovers that the shirt of her daughter was no where to be found inside the dressing room, she goes out and check the comedienne’s stuff.

This singer-actress and this comedienne once shared a dressing room when they were still taping a “teleserye” in one of the T.V. networks. It was during after their taping where everyone was packing up when this funny and surprising incident happened according to this comedienne.

The said comedienne was surprised when this mom suddenly ordered someone to look into her piles of stuff inside the dressing room where she and this young actress share the room together. The comedienne didn’t react at all as she was shocked by what she saw. Who wouldn’t be shocked if someone checks your stuff as if they are assuming that you have taken someone’s belongings?

Not being able to locate the daughter’s lost t-shirt inside the dressing room, this mom went to the extent of  looking into the comedienne’s van. Unfortunately, to this mom’s dismay, she didn’t find her daughter’s lost t-shirt.

The comedienne reported this incident to the management to prevent similar incident to happen in the future. According to the comedienne, she has already set aside this incident