Camille Prats and Anthony Linsangan

The star of GMA 7’s “Munting Heredera,” Camille Prats is now a young widow after her husband succumbed to cancer last Friday morning.

Prat’s manager Arnold Vegafria, in his statement, said that the 31-year old husband was declared dead by doctors at 8:45 a.m. at the Makati Medical Center.

Camille’s husband, Anthony Linsangan was battling from nasopharygeal cancer–the sixth most common cancer affecting men that occurs in the nasopharynx.

There have been rumors before that Linsangan was suffering from an unknown sickness but the actress did not specify what condition her husband was suffering from. In one of her interviews, Camille said that her husband was getting better and that he was undergoing treatment. Unfortunately, Linsangan’s body no longer responded to the medical treatment.

Prats and Linsangan got married in Los Angeles, California on January 5, 2008 in a civil wedding ceremony. Last year, March 4 2008, the couple got married again in Makati City, this time it was a church wedding.

Linsangan left Camille with a three-year old son, Nathaniel Ceasar . Camille is now faced with the reality that she has to rear her child alone without her husband, Anthony.

Linsangan’s remains lies at the Heritage Park Chapel in Taguig City. The family requested the public to respect their privacy.