The blind item posted in surely makes one raise its eyebrows and wonder who these two male stars are in this blind item.  In the article, it says,

“IT WAS LUST at first sight for these male teen stars who met in a midnight snack with their friends and their management team in a restaurant along Tomas Morato in Quezon City. Observers said that the two closeted gay teens openly flirted– to the shock and disgust of everyone around them– the moment they were introduced to each other.”

“It seems that the burning passion of Moreno Teen (who is a product of a network’s reality talent search) and Tisoy Teen (a singer-dancer who grew up abroad) could not be contained that night that the two secretly decided to consummate it the whole night– and the day after! The hunky Tisoy Teen was served the “bottomless T” by Moreno Teen who is known for his “generous serving.”

“There’s another twist to their story and I’ll spill the beans sooner.”

There are already clues given in this article as to who these two male teen stars are—a moreno  teen who is a product of a certain reality talent search in one of the networks; and a singer-dancer tisoy teen who grew up abroad.

So, do you already have any idea who they are?