Anne Curtis, album cover Annebisyosa

It’s definitely a dream come true for Anne Curtis as she releases her first ever debu album Annebisyosa under Viva Records.

Anne, who has been a talent of Viva Entertainment Inc. for 14 years, personally asked the management that it’s about time that she will be given the opportunity to have her solo album.

According to Anne, doing the album was just really a fulfillment of her dream though she honestly attests that she’s not good in singing.

“Listen at your own risk.” Anne said jokingly.

She added that doing the album was purely out of fun; nevertheless, the effort put into making this album was way more serious than it seems.

In her album cover, Anne sexily posed in her revealing Martin Bautista creation, and she completely looked stunning.

Annie Quintos, a member of a well-known singing group, The Company, served as Anne’s coach

Anne’s Annebisyosa album has 7 tracks plus 1 bonus track. The much awaited album is now available at record bars and malls nationwide.

Annebisyosa –Tracks

1. Tinamaan Ako

2. Alone

3. Total Eclipse of the Heart (feat. Sarah Geronimo)

4. Mouth

5. Bizarre Love Triangle

6. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

7. Too Many Walls

Bonus Track:

8. GSM Blue Jingle

Prior to this album, Anne had already showcased her singing prowess when she sang “Sukob Na,” the theme song of ABS-CBN’s 2011 rainy season station ID.