The prime time TV program Nasaan Ka Elisa, which airs every weekdays after My Binondo Girl, is a crime-drama and suspense-thriller series. The pilot episode of Nasaan Ka Elisa? immediately presented a series of conflicts after the disappearance of the leading character Elisa Altamira.

An investigation follows after Elisa’s disappearance. The weary, rich parents of the missing daughter seek the help of investigators.

A couple of people have been questioned by authorities who are believed to have been with Elisa prior to her disappearance. As part of the investigation, authorities include the immediate family members in their list of people to be questioned.

The lead character Elisa Altamira is being portrayed by Melissa Ricks. This TV lead role could be a big break for Melissa as she plays the lead star in this TV series Nasaan Ka Elisa? Her efforts have finally paid off through this TV project which focuses on her character as Elisa.

It’s good to see Melissa invading into a more matured role such as her character in this TV series. This is a big break for her to showcase her versatility as an actress.

Meanwhile, we have seen Melissa played dramatic and serious roles on TV before but we hope to see more of Melissa as a lead star of this prime time series. We hope to see Melissa pull it off playing her character as Elisa.

There is still much to unveil in this TV series Nasaan Ka Elisa? The twists and turns of the story make it interesting to watch. The storyline itself makes viewers want to anticipate what will happen next as the story unfolds.