This award-winning young actor seems to be struggling with his career nowadays. Although he still does some shows on television, he no longer gets many TV offers like before. His career seems to have fallen a bit slow in terms of exposure and TV projects.

The young actor was rumored to have impregnated a young actress from another station, and accordingly, this young star had already given birth to a bouncing baby girl.

At a very tender age, the award-winning actor and the young star have so many things to do for their career. Unfortunately, some things don’t go their way. Sometimes, certain situations arise in the middle of nowhere.

Months before the birth of their baby, some have noticed that the young star rarely appear on television. On the other hand, the young actor also faced a similar dilemma.

The young couple was said to have been introduced to each other by a common friend. Eventually, romance sparked between the two which led to the young star’s pregnancy.