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If a man happens to cheat on a woman, he gets the excuse of “being a man” and somehow manages to escape public scrutiny. Manhood and nature are his alibi–an excuse which a man often gets out clean.

“I was tempted…”I became weak”…”I AM SORRY!” A simple “I AM SORRY” makes a woman’s heart soft. A woman makes all the willingness to excuse his man’s unflattering ways of looking into another woman’s face with his “oh-so-sorry” dramatic lines. It’s ironic that a woman falls weak to his man’s plea after her man falls weak due to his so-called “nature.”

A woman manages to keep her pain long enough just to make amends with the man she feels deeply important to her. Although hurt, she still puts on her smile. Although broken, she keeps mending her wounded spirit. And although shuttered, she lets all bad things pass her way.

But, when a woman makes one false move, a man gives her the worst remarks she could get. Man throws all the blame to his woman making her feel she’s the worst worthless being on earth. Each word cuts her deeply until she’s almost like a shredded piece of trash as good as nothing. He curses his woman like a sinner whose sins are unforgivable and likens her to a stinking whore whose life is totally wrecked and wasted.

When a man say and act this way to his woman, does he ever try looking at himself too and wonder if he’s too clean to pinpoint dirt at his woman? A man hardly accepts a broken ego–the more if it’s his own woman who causes it. When a man blames her woman, he blames her BIG TIME!