Steve Magno and Pia Guanio-Magno

Yesterday, October 9, in a live via phone-patch interview with Pia by Showbiz Central, the TV host finally confirmed that she is already married to businessman Steve Magno.

When one of the hosts of the said TV talk show asked if she’s already married, Pia answered, “I will categorically answer that, and the answer is yes.”

It was just few months ago that Pia made it public that she was indeed engaged to his non-showbiz boyfriend Steve last May 7, 2011. In a short span after the engagement announcement which Pia made, she and Steve finally tied the knot in a very solemn and intimate ceremony as how Pia describes her wedding.

The TV host explained to her fellow co-hosts at the Showbiz Central the reason why she kept the wedding a secret.

“We just really wanted it private. And we wanted just a few people because we really wanted to concentrate on the ceremony, on the blessing, and the message from our pastor, “said Pia.

She further added, “So, we didn’t want any kind of unnecessary distractions which… a big wedding entails. So, minabuti na lang namin to just have our families present because, honestly, sila lang naman talaga yung pinakaimportante.”

although Pia Guanio was not feeling well during the interview, it was obvious that she was very happy to share little details which happened during the wedding ceremony.