Kris Aquino

From movies to TV hosting, to game show host, to TV commercials and product endorsements, Kris Aquino proves that she has the ‘say’.

Kris is one of the most workaholic celebrities in the industry. She is always at the top of her game when she works, putting her best foot forward at all times. It’s no wonder that she receives so many offers and she never runs out of things to do.

Recently, it was announced that the United Nations High Commission for Refugees invited the Queen of All Media to be the ambassadress for goodwill to Asia.

The said announcement was made by the Malacanang Presidential Adviser for Politcal Affairs Ronald Llamas.

Llamas said that one of the reasons why UNHCR offered Kris Aquino to be the ambassadress of goodwill was that accordingly the Aquino family was considered to be political refugees during the time of Marcos’ dictatorship.

Llamas further told press that he personally received the good news when he visited Geneva, Switzerland during the UNHCR Executive Meeting.

If ever the Queen of All Media Kris Aquino decides to take this responsibility and one of a kind opportunity, she will be of equal footings with Princess Diana who became UN’s ambassador for goodwill, and so with Hollywood star Angelina Jolie who is very active in this field as an ambassador for refugees.