Mega Star Sharon Cuneta and KC Concepcion

Last week, KC Concepcion left for Paris to take a short break from work and give herself time to think about things that have been going on in her life. She also said that she’s going to Paris to have a bonding with childhood friends who matter to her the most.

Meanwhile, in an interview with the Mega Star Sharon Cuneta last night, October 11, she said, “…Aalis na naman ako bukas because my eldest daughter needs me naman. One week naman ako sa States sandali.”

However, Sharon Cuneta did not reveal anything about her daughter’s relationship status with actor Piolo Pascual. The Mega Star only told reporters that her daughter needs her and that KC asked for her company.

“I just want to accompany her because she needs me. She requested for mama, so mama will be there. I don’t like her to think that it’s only the little kids that mama is spending time with,” said Sharon.

Sharon also told reporters that KC was invited to former US President Bill Clinton 65th birthday and charity event on October 15 at the Hollywood Bowl. She said that KC sent her a message telling her that KC wants her presence during the said event.

“…I am very happy about it. I’ve always liked Bill Clinton, but I am especially proud of my daughter. So, actually, alalay lang ako ni KC dun,” Sharon told reporters.

Sharon Cuneta further added that her daughter KC is doing okay. “She’s ok now. I’m ok because my daughter is ok. As long as my daughter’s ok, I’m ok,” Sharon calmly said.