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I don’t know if I am going to laugh or get pretty scared with this news spreading over the internet and local television. I first read the article when I browsed through You could say that I was blown away by the title of the article, “Mind-Blowing Sex? Amnesia Could Be Caused By Sex, New Report Suggests”

Of course, it sounds alarming and who would want to fall into a situation where you couldn’t recall anything after enjoying a mind-blowing sex? So, I might as well make myself informed by reading the article.

In the September issue of The Journal of Emergency Medicine, it reported that a woman in her 50s suffered from a so-called transient global amnesia after an exciting and titillating sexual experience with her husband. Indeed, a mind-blowing sex can literally mean blowing your memories off your mind–nobody wants that, right?

Don’t fret just yet. In case this happens to you, researchers say it’s just temporary and you’ll soon regain you memory and it doesn’t cause brain damage either as far as recent studies are concerned.

To go further into the details of what transient global amnesia is all about, let me cite the explanation given to the term transient  global amnesia as written in The Journal of Emergency Medicine. It says that  “transient global amnesia is characterized by the sudden development of dense anterograde amnesia, without alteration in level of consciousness and in the absence of focal neurologic deficits or seizure activity.”

Case Report: We report the case of a 54-year-old woman who presented to the ED with an episode of acute memory loss. Conclusions: Although rare, transient global amnesia may present in a dramatic fashion. The occurrence of a distinct precipitating event and repetitive questioning seem to be key features in making the diagnosis. Important differential considerations include transient ischemic attack, seizure, and subarachnoid hemorrhage. Brain imaging and specialty consultation are reserved primarily for patients with unclear circumstances, altered level of consciousness, focal neurologic findings, and persistent (or very brief) amnestic symptoms. Brain imaging may, however, relieve anxiety about more dangerous causes of the event.” (The Journal of Emergency Medicine)

If sex may be the possible culprit for transient global amnesia, does it change your perspective about having a mind-blowing sex with your partner? Anyway, experts say that it’s a rare condition which only affects a few percentage of people each year. It’s also not yet conclusive that having sex directly leads to temporary memory loss. Researches continue to study this case to further find evidence about the possible causes of transient global amnesia.

Meanwhile, just enjoy having a good time and a mind-blowing sex.