Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion; photo credits

The Mega Star Sharon Cuneta is back on the big screen after two years since her last movie. The Mega Star has announced her line of movie projects. One particular movie is set to be shown next year in time for the Mother’s Day celebration.

Sharon has also confirmed that she will be doing a movie along with actor Gabby Concepcion and another movie has also been set along with Richard Gomez.

In an interview by ABS-CBN reporters with the Mega Star, she (Sharon) said, “Sharon and Gabby will probably push through next year. [Sharon and Richard] probably also next year.”

If and when the ‘Sharon- Gabby’ movie tandem will push through, it’s definitely what ‘Sharonians’ and Gabby fans have been waiting for a long time—to see their idols, Sharon and Gabby reunite once more in one big film.

The first ever movie which they starred together was the 1981 box-office hit “Dear Heart”. Eventually, the love team screen tandem ended from reel to real. They were also one of the most successful love teams in the 80’s era.

Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion made a total of 10 movies together. The last movie they made was “Tayong Dalawa” which was released in 1991.