According to a blind item published in pinoyparazzi, former actress and her mother were invited in a special event. However, they arrived late and only few remaining dishes were left. So, the two decided to order some food. But, it’s already not part of the event organizer’s responsibility to pay for the food they ordered because the foods they ordered were not listed in the menu which the organizers have chosen to serve to its guests. Accordingly, the mother-daughter team ordered some expensive dishes.

When the waiter approached them with the bill, the actress and her mother refused to pay for the food they ordered saying that they were invited as guests in the said event. The waiter explained to both of them that the food and drinks they ordered were not part of the event’s free food and drinks being served to guests in that event. The worst part is—they were charged around 10 thousand pesos for the food and drinks they ate and drank.

Suddenly, they spotted a rich friend who happened to also be one of the guests in that event. Accordingly, the mother and daughter tandem jokingly told their friend about the food they ordered and the amount they were charged to pay. Upon hearing this, the rich friend told them that he/she didn’t bring any cash, (some sort of an alibi) and besides, the rich man was not also willing to pay for the bill.

And so, the mother and daughter team were left with no choice but to pay the said amount worth ten thousand pesos, the total amount of food and drinks they ordered.

It’s a lesson learned for both of them—never come late when invited in a special event and make sure to order food within their means.