Bong Revilla and Jolo Revilla

In an interview with Sen. Bong Revilla by Lhar Santiago of Chika Minute, Bong shared about Jolo’s condition, which led him and his wife Lani to get scared.

Jolo was brought to the hospital for a check-up after complaining from a severe headache. When the first result came out, it revealed that there’s a bleeding in his brain area.

Bong said that he and his wife congressman Lani Mercado were so worried about doctor’s findings, and so they asked for a second opinion just to make sure. Luckily, it was not as malignant as what they thought at first based on Jolo’s first diagnosis.

Accordingly, Jolo’s brain was just swollen which could be one of the causes why Jolo was having headaches.

“Thank God at least hindi yung unang findings na sinasabing bleeding yung kanyang brain, siyempre kaya namin ipina-second opinion. Buti na lang maganda yung turnout nung test. Medyo swollen siya because siguro overwork siya,” Sen. Bong Revilla said in his interview.

Senator Bong Revilla also said that he advised his son to take it slow and to take care of his (Jolo) health.

Meanwhile, Bong also told about his movie Panday 2 which he is currently shooting with stars Marian Rivera, Rhian Ramos, Alice Dixon, Lorna Tolentino, Iza Calsado, and Lucy Torres-Gomez.