banana, coffee, and laptop for breakfast

I’ts Friday morning again. Days come and go so fast that at the start of the day, you already begin to wonder that’s it’s going to end soon, another break of dawn is coming, and the birth of a new day awaits us–again and again and again…

Before my morning slips away, I might as well enjoy my breakfast with a cup of coffee teamed up with a banana while I do some writing and other stuff online. While doing all these–drinking, munching, and typing, a nice background music from Regina Spektor sets my mood.

Regina Spektor is a very talented music artist–a singer, a songwriter, and a pianist. I think her songs are majestic, her lyrics are captivating, and whenever she writes songs, it’s not always the conventional type of songs we hear from other musicians. I love all her songs. I love her videos. I love her style.

Regina Spektor in concert, Tel Aviv

Image via Wikipedia