KC Confirms Break-up with Piolo Pascual in an Exclusive Interview


KC Concepcion

The recent KC-Piolo confirmed break-up has everyone thinking about what could have been the real story behind their unsuccessful relationship. There have been tons of speculations going around after the much-publicized confirmation of KC and Piolo’s split

The public witnessed KC’s painful revelation during a one on one interview by Boy Abunda. KC tearfully but courageously revealed the real status between her and Piolo. However, she was mum about the reason why they broke up.

In her interview, she said, “May mga hinahanap ako na napakabasic lang na hanapin ng isang babae sa isang boyfriend, sa isang lalake. Ayoko nang pumunta na sa details kasi ayaw kong siraan sya.”

“Let’s just say na lahat talaga kaya ko, tinanggap ko ang anak niya. Kahit may mga times na hindi ko siya maintindihan, tinanggap ko kasi sinasabi sa akin ng mga kaibigan namin na personality niya yun.”

Pag may mga bagay na hindi ako sangayon na dapat ginagawa sa isang babae, tinatanggap ko kasi naniniwala ako na isa syang mabait na tao. May mga bagay na hindi ko na kayang tanggapin.  Kasalanan ko rin naman sa sarili ko yun kase ginusto ko naman ito.”

“Pero, masakit man sabihin, siguro nag-fail din ako dahil hindi ako yung kailangan niya sa buhay niya. Or hindi ako yung hinahanap niya sa buhay niya. And hindi, hindi ko mabigay sa kanya yung kailangan niya.”

It was clear in KC’s words during the interview that she was bitter about how the relationship ended between them. The actress also admitted that she can’t deny the fact that she feels angry when she sees how Piolo reacts every time he is being interviewed and asked about their relationship. “…and then siya [Piolo], natatawa lang siya kapag nakikita kong ini-interview siya. Idadaan lang niya sa joke. Sa tingin ko, ‘Bakit ikaw ganyan, tapos ako ganito?” said KC.

On the other hand, in a separate interview with Piolo Pascual. The actor told the TV Patrol reporter that it was not easy for them both to undergo such stress of breaking up. “I don’t think I’ve anything else to say. KC has already said her piece. So, hayaan na lang muna natin doon kasi it’s a very sensitive issue. Hindi naman biro ang pinagdaanan naming dalawa,” Piolo said.


Online Profile: Impress To Gain

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Online jobs may sound pretty cool especially if you work right at the comforts of your home. However, the competition is tough. The need to stay on top of the game requires a good strategy and the ability to sell yourself to prospective clients or employers in the internet. One good way to do that is to post your profile online or create a profile that clearly points out your skills, expertise, and experience. Here’s a sample of my profile I submitted for my employer from Taiwan:

*Take note that the sample profile below emphasizes my teaching experience since my employer is an administrator of an online English school, and the job I applied for is an online English instructor.




May P.

Bachelor of Arts Major in Political Science/Professional Education Certificate (PEC)

May had been a consistent dean’s lister in her college years. She graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Political Science as cum laude. She then took the Professional Education Certificate (PEC) program to hone her teaching skills. Before she began teaching, she worked as a marketing assistant and circulation-in-charge at a local publishing company.

Her first teaching experience was in a SPED school where she handled students with learning disabilities. In 2006, she started teaching in a preschool environment as a lead teacher. She had been invited as a resource speaker for children’s creative arts as part of a local government activity.

With her growing interest in expanding her teaching skills, she decided to try her luck in online teaching. She taught English online mostly to Japanese students with various ages.

May has an experience in handling TOEIC, IELTS, and Business English classes. May likes blogging, watching movies, and chatting with her friends.


It’s really up to you on how you would come up with an impressive profile. Some would highlight more on their experience or skills and some would give more emphasis on their educational background, especially if they still lack or do not have the experience yet. The important thing when you want to impress is to captivate the employers or clients’ attention–the first few lines of your profile should be something that makes you stand out, but do not exaggerate. Remember, just like any other jobs, online recruitment also requires a job interview. Usually, the interview is set via phone call or via Skype voice or video call. So, your employers would know if you exaggerated your teaching profile because they are going to ask you tons of questions and others would even ask you to take an exam.

Home-based job is quite fun, but it also demands a lot of hard work and patience. The good thing about this line of work is that you have all the time at home–no hassle of getting late due to traffic, no pollution, and no need to dress-up for work.  However, it also has its negative side. When you work at home, you often get distracted especially when you have kids around, you tend to do some house chores instead of focusing on your task, and no social life–the closest interaction you get with others is through social networking sites.

Banana Blossom (Puso ng Saging) Patties: No Meat, Just 100% Banana Blossom!


Banana Blossom Patties

Lately, I have been preparing veggies (no meat at all) for dinner.  A couple of nights ago, I cooked sauteed bitter gourd and malabar spinach mixed with egg. Usually, I only saute bitter gourd with egg, but I decided to give the dish a little twist by adding malabar spinach or Philippine spinach. In Filipino, we call it “alugbati“. And so, speaking of veggies, I was again in my cooking (experimenting) mood for preparing a healthy dish last night.

I got inspired when I saw a cooking segment in a TV show featuring a healthy alternative to beef burger patties. Instead of using grind beef in making burger patties, banana blossom was used as an alternative.

Locally, banana blossom is commonly known as “puso ng saging” which literally translates as “heart of the banana” or “banana heart”.

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So, as I have said, I was ‘experimenting’ in the kitchen again and purely relying on luck. Oh well, if the outcome turned out to be a disaster, I could always justify and say AGAIN, “hey, it’s my first time, you know?”

In cooking Banana Blossom Patties, you’ll need the following:

1 banana blossom (chopped)

1/4 cup flour

2 eggs

cooking oil

3 cloves of garlic (chopped)

1 onion (chopped)

salt and pepper to taste

seasoning (magic sarap)


Of course, peel the banana blossom until what’s left is the part where you will see the lightest shade of the banana blossom. It was somehow tricky for me to determine if I was still peeling the outer skin because I really could’t tell which part goes to the pan and which part goes straight into the trash bag. By the way, last night was my first time to peel and slice a banana blossom–weeeee!

Okay, going back. After chopping the banana blossom into tiny pieces, boil it for few minutes to remove the sap. Then, remove it from the fire and let it cool down for a while. Mix all the ingredients together–flour, eggs, onion, garlic, salt and pepper, and seasoning.

In your frying pan, pour the vegetable oil and wait until it’s hot enough to fry the banana blossom burger patties. When you’re done, you may even make it more delectable by preparing a gravy for your banana blossom patties. In my case, I bought an instant gravy which was sold in a pack. All I did was add hot water into the powdered gravy and mix it until it has the consistency of a sauce.

Banana blossom patty is also great for snack. Instead of the usual beef burger we eat for snacks, why not try this healthy alternative? I am sure your kids will love it too.

The Right Bad Stuff

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photo credits: Rasmus Lindersson

Have you ever had those moments when something which was totally wrong felt so right? At the back of your mind, you know that you are not supposed to do or engage in things that would harm you and the people around you, and yet you insist on doing it your way. You ignore those little voices whispering into your ears, pleading you to STOP. But, in many cases, you don’t listen. You know and you’re aware of what those little voices are telling you, but you choose to do your own thing, your own way, and with your own assumptions and beliefs.

Have you fallen into a trap where it’s hard to get out, not because you can’t but because there’s something you hold on to and can’t let go? Sometimes, we get so attached with something or someone and that letting go seems so hard. You know you want to set yourself FREE from all the bewildering situations. But, how could that be possible when you just keep on holding on with this thing that gives you happiness even if it means it’s just momentarily and temporarily? It’s a weird feeling of mixed emotions–a psychedelic feeling that you can’t exactly explain what it is. You hate yourself from doing it, from wanting it, from ignoring the consequences. Yet, you don’t seem to mind when you are at a state of getting a dose of your addiction to something or someone.

How come there are moments when some of the BAD STUFF you do feels so RIGHT? Well, you know that it’s wrong, but you just intentionally shut your eyes, cover your ears, and do what you feel like doing however strong your conscience tells you not to let yourself fall into that trap. It leads you to nowhere except that you are caught in a spiral where you just keep on coming back and doing it all over again.

“My soul knows my meat is doing bad things, and is embarrassed. But my meat just keeps right on doing bad, dumb things.” ― Kurt Vonnegut