Mo Twister; photo credits:

Mo Twister revealed in a radio interview  that he was traumatized by the leaked video which he recorded himself as some sort of a personal diary of his anxieties over their (he and ex-gf Rhian Ramos) decision to resort to abortion.

In his statement aired at Showbiz Rampa last December 4, Sunday, he said:

“I’m saddened about the rumors of its upload.

“Most of all, I’m ashamed at myself for the loss of our child.

“It was something I never wanted to happen.”

Mo also expressed his disappointment over his ex-gf’s manager saying,

“It has hurt me almost as much as the deed itself…

“When I went to them to seek their help and comfort, all the focus was put on her career and her body image.

“I was told that the baby wasn’t even a baby, even though I was present during the ultra sound, heard the heartbeat of our 3 ½ month old child, saw it being formed into a young human being.

“I was even more shocked when she was being referred to as a ‘brand’…”

According to Mo, the reason why he made the video was to have “a memento of this tragic event…”

“…it should never happen again,” Mo said as he expressed his views

“It was meant for me to always remind myself that we paid an enormous sacrifice for this job and this relationship.”

He also said, “They thought a lawyer was needed to aid in our breakup, that I was asked to surrender all of this ‘proof’ to them for it to be destroyed.

“I naturally gave in to their request, because for the second time, I chose my girlfriend over the memory of our child.

“I specifically asked them to not destroy it, to please return it to me 50 years from now when all this showbiz priorities and ‘branding’ wouldn’t mean so much anymore.

“Along with my files, they took my computer and erased it in front of me.

“This was all documented by her legal staff.”

“This decision to have an abortion was not something the network instructed us to do.”

“that our rollercoaster relationship ended the way it did.”

In Mo’s final statement, he said, “I will never, ever agree to take the life of a child again.

“It doesn’t matter if it isn’t my body or my choice.

“I will not be put against the wall again.

“I should have stood my ground, fought harder, delayed it longer, encourage more people to talk her out of it.”

“Until this very day, I love Rhian very much.”

Meanwhile, accordingly, Rhian’s camp is planning to file charges against Mo Twister.