Mo Twister and Rhian Ramos

Mo Twister denies any involvement in the uploading of the latest video of him and Rhian in their very private moments.

“…This latest video was not one in my possession. It was not recorded on my laptop,” Mo said as he defended himself from anything to do with the uploading of the recent video.

The first video that came out and became widespread all over the internet was Mo’s confession about their (he and Rhian) decision to abort the baby, in which the said abortion was done in Singapore. Mo Twister denied the uploading of this video. He said that he sold his laptop, however, he made sure that he already deleted the files.

The new video, which caused many to react and give their opinions due to its sensual content, Mo, for the second time, cleared himself from uploading such scandalous video.

In his Tumbler account posted on December 21, he said, “I hope this all ends soon. I don’t even know how we are getting to this point. I know so many theories are out there on how these videos are being uploaded online. I hope I can be as clear as possible that this is not my doing. This latest video was not in my possession. It was not recorded on my laptop.”

Meanwhile, according to Rhian’s legal counsel, the actress has already sought a protection order from the court against the TV-host, Mo Twister.