A very private video of Janelle Manahan and Ramgen Revilla is spreading all over the internet.

In that video, Janelle and Ramgen were having intimate moments inside a bathroom. The late Ramgen Revilla was the one recording their sexually explicit video.

Atty. Guevarra confirmed that it was indeed his client, Janelle, in that video. He also condemned the spreading of the video in different social networking sites. According to Guevarra, Janelle wept in tears when she knew about the video that has already been circulating in the internet.

In a phone interview with Atty. Guevarra by the Philippine Star, he said, “This video represents the second assassination of Ramgen and second frustrated murder of Janelle and masterminded by the Bautista household.”

According to Janelle’s lawyer, one of Ramgen’s siblings was trying to blackmail Janelle by sending her messages through Facebook.

“She was told, ‘You are not clean Ate Janelle’,” Atty. Guevara said as regard to the message of one of Ramgen’s siblings.

On the other hand, in response to Atty. Guevarra’s accusation, Atty. Gepte, the lawyer of the Bautista family, said that it’s absurd to pinpoint the Baustista family as the culprit.

In an interview with Atty. Jeffrey Gepte, he said, “It’s absurd because it’s a private matter between Ramgen and Janelle.”

“So it would be very absurd for the whole Baustista family to know about it.”