Raining On A late Saturday Evening

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As I sit here, I see the flash of lightning emanating from the sky, clearly visible from my open window. I hear the loud sound of thunder and the splash of rain pouring directly to the ground–a music to the ear that only nature can orchestrate.

I wonder why every time it rains I always think of several things like drinking a hot cup of coffee, singing and dancing in the rain or perhaps ‘do my crying in the rain’ as the famous line suggests in a song entitled “I’ll do my crying in the rain.”

Most of us associate rain with something such as experiences–either good or bad, love, life, sorrows, luck, and even romantic moments.

Oh well, the rain is slowing drifting away, I guess. The sky is once again in silence as the growling sound of thunder fades to nowhere.



You Need Not Find A Cure For Everything That Makes You Weak

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First of all, I am glad that I am here again with my first post for this month of April after not having been able to blog for quite some time. It feels so good to be able to share my thoughts and insights once again.

Sometimes, I feel that a lot of things run through my mind. Maybe, I am just allowing myself to be drowned in a pool of thoughts which somehow cause me to drift away from reality. These thoughts somehow give me an overwhelming feeling   that often result in a state of bewilderment–I don’t know how else to describe it. I try to look for answers, uncover the truth, and find solutions to whatever I may be feeling and thinking lately.

As I was browsing online, I saw this picture with words that says “You Need Not Find A Cure For Everything That Makes You Weak.” I got struck by these words. I often feel that every time I fall trap into my own weaknesses, I always seek for things that would cure these anxieties.

It’s okay to welcome into our lives the bitterness of things that weakens us. Rather than trying hard to find for cure for things that make us weak, it’s better if we just try to strengthen ourselves and try to look on the brighter side–Perhaps, these things which make us weak would be the same reason that gives us strength to hold on– and I choose to hold on.