I know it has been a while since I last visited this site–my blog. Let’s just say that I have been preoccupied with stuff like work and motherhood. And speaking of motherhood, I now have my second baby. In fact, he will be turning 11 months this coming November 4, and in less than 2 months, he will be celebrating his 1st birthday. I don’t know exactly what to do on his 1st birthday. I don’t have any plans laid yet and I feel that there is just little time left for the planning and preparations. But I know I can pull it off, hopefully. A simple celebration will do as long as there are cakes and balloons, and something to eat.

Anyway, setting aside the worries of planning and hosting a kiddie birthday party, I  am pretty much not so excited about seeing my baby grow up so fast right before my very eyes. I feel that it was just so recently that he has learned to turn and lie on his tummy, and now he is starting to learn how to stand on his own. And soon, he will already start walking and running.


However, I never thought that I’ll be having a second child after 11 years. Honestly, I was only looking forward to having one kid, but maybe having a second child was meant to be. And why can’t I be happy and proud about it when having a baby at home brings so much joy in the family. My baby Kent is the apple of our eyes and the little bundle of happiness. And of course, Kurt, my eldest, loves his little brother so much, and Kent loves him more just by looking how his eyes sparkle with joy every time he plays with his “kuya”.