I could not remember the reason why I wrote this article below with a title that says  “A Different Kind Of High”. I discovered this just today while I was browsing through the draft section of my blog. I’ve got tons of unpublished articles written months and even years ago. Some of these articles are unfinished, some are nonsense, some are too personal, and others are the result of my emotions at that very moment which I need to express in writing. As what Lord Byron said, “If I don’t write to empty my mind, I go mad.”



I’m wide awake and I’m high. I get sick and tired and yet I’m high. I sit still and I am still high. What kind of high is this which drowns me deeper into an ocean of thoughts? These thoughts are way too overwhelming that throws me further into thinking deeper– some are unexplained, some are brought about my past, and mostly brought about by the present events that occur in my life. And that even while I am speaking my mind right at this moment, my thoughts are running crazy. I can barely put the exact words I need and want to say.

I am high on thoughts all the time and it gives me a different kind of high. It’s in my mind and it’s within my system. How do I get rid of this high? I am completely overdosed and I pretty much sigh.