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I could not remember the reason why I wrote this article below with a title that says  “A Different Kind Of High”. I discovered this just today while I was browsing through the draft section of my blog. I’ve got tons of unpublished articles written months and even years ago. Some of these articles are unfinished, some are nonsense, some are too personal, and others are the result of my emotions at that very moment which I need to express in writing. As what Lord Byron said, “If I don’t write to empty my mind, I go mad.”



I’m wide awake and I’m high. I get sick and tired and yet I’m high. I sit still and I am still high. What kind of high is this which drowns me deeper into an ocean of thoughts? These thoughts are way too overwhelming that throws me further into thinking deeper– some are unexplained, some are brought about my past, and mostly brought about by the present events that occur in my life. And that even while I am speaking my mind right at this moment, my thoughts are running crazy. I can barely put the exact words I need and want to say.

I am high on thoughts all the time and it gives me a different kind of high. It’s in my mind and it’s within my system. How do I get rid of this high? I am completely overdosed and I pretty much sigh.


My Little Bundle Of Happiness

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I know it has been a while since I last visited this site–my blog. Let’s just say that I have been preoccupied with stuff like work and motherhood. And speaking of motherhood, I now have my second baby. In fact, he will be turning 11 months this coming November 4, and in less than 2 months, he will be celebrating his 1st birthday. I don’t know exactly what to do on his 1st birthday. I don’t have any plans laid yet and I feel that there is just little time left for the planning and preparations. But I know I can pull it off, hopefully. A simple celebration will do as long as there are cakes and balloons, and something to eat.

Anyway, setting aside the worries of planning and hosting a kiddie birthday party, I  am pretty much not so excited about seeing my baby grow up so fast right before my very eyes. I feel that it was just so recently that he has learned to turn and lie on his tummy, and now he is starting to learn how to stand on his own. And soon, he will already start walking and running.


However, I never thought that I’ll be having a second child after 11 years. Honestly, I was only looking forward to having one kid, but maybe having a second child was meant to be. And why can’t I be happy and proud about it when having a baby at home brings so much joy in the family. My baby Kent is the apple of our eyes and the little bundle of happiness. And of course, Kurt, my eldest, loves his little brother so much, and Kent loves him more just by looking how his eyes sparkle with joy every time he plays with his “kuya”.


Genelyn Magsaysay admits that Ramgen’s laptop is in their possession

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Genelyn Magsaysay

In a live phone patch interview with Genelyn Magsaysay during Anthony Taberna’s Punto Por Punto segment in Umagang kay Ganda yesterday morning,  Genelyn admitted that Ramgen’s laptop is in their possession contrary to the statement made by her lawyer, Atty. Caringal, that all of Ramgen’s gadgets were already taken by the police.

“Ang telepono po wala sa amin, ang laptop lang po ang nasa amin, at…Peron naka-lock ‘yong laptop namin, naka-lock ‘yon.

“Tapos, ano pa ba ‘yan…may iba pang kagamitan, digital camera daw po, wala nang memory card.

“Tapos po, ‘yong iba pang kagamitan, nasa mga pulis na daw po ngayon…first day po ng pagkamatay ni Ramgen,” Genelyn said.

Despite the fact that Genelyn admitted that her son’s laptop is in their possession, she pointed out that none of them can access Ramgen’s laptop because it is secured with a password.

“Wala po kaming access, wala po kaming alam…

“Basta ang alam po naming, ‘yong laptop na iyon, wala pong nakakaalam ng passoword ni Ramgen…

“Maaari pong alam ni Janelle ang password. Hindi ko lang po masasabi kung talagang alam niya o hindi niya alam…

Kasi si Ramgen po, masyado po ‘yang mahigpit, very private na tao po si Ramgen…

“Ayaw niya pong ipapaalam kahit kanino po kung ano man ‘yong para sa kanya, sa sarili niya, gagamitin niya,” Genelyn said.

Genelyn Magsaysay denies involvement in the spread of Ramgen-Janelle intimate video

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Genelyn Magsaysay

In a news report in ABS-CBN, Genelyn Magsaysay pointed out that she and the rest of her family had nothing to do with the spread of the intimate video of her son Ramgen and girlfriend Janelle Manahan.

Just a couple of days ago, Janelle’s lawayer, Atty. Guevarra accused the Bautista family as the one who had orchestrated and masterminded the uploading of the video.

However, those accusations made by Janelle’s lawyer were strongly denied by Ramgen’s mother, Genelyn Magsaysay. According to Geneyln, if she had known about the video, she would not dare show it to the public.

“Kung makita man namin iyon, mas lalo naming itatabi. Di namin ilalabas iyon dahil kawawa naman ang anak ko,” Genelyn said during the interview.

She further added saying, “Patay na anak ko nasisita pa…

Ganon kasakit ginagawa ninyo…

“Kung sino man ang may pasimuno nito mananagot kayo sa Panginoon.”

Meanwhile, Genelyn’s lawyer, Atty. Caringal, defended his client stating that all of Ramgen’s gadgets were already in the hands of the police authorities. Atty. Caringal also said in his interview that they should ask the police since Ramgen’s gadgets were already placed under their custody for investigation.

On the other hand, Atty. Guevarra believes that some of Ramgen’s gadgets are with the siblings. The attorney also said that it’s absurd if it’s the police who have masterminded the spread of the video.

“…Why would they sabotage their own case?”

“We are exploring it against the brothers and sisters of Ramgen. They both have opportunity and motive…

“They have opportunity because they still have access to the laptop of Ramgen…

“They have motive because they want to harass Janelle, give her mental stress para hindi tumestigo,” Atty. Guevarra said

Sen. Bong Revilla Sought Help from NBI to Investigate the Spread of Ramgen and Janelle’s Intimate Video


Senator Bong Revilla

Senator Bong Revilla condemns the spread of the controversial video of his brother Ramgen Revilla, and girlfriend Janelle Manahan in different social networking sites.

According to the senator, the spread of the private video of his brother Ramgen and his girlfriend Janelle was a clear violation of the Anti-Voyeurism Law of 2009 or RA 9995. Senator Bong together with Janelle Manahan sought the help of NBI to further investigate the spread of the video which is now widely circulating all over the internet.

In his press statement, the senator clearly stressed out his anger over the spread of the video.

“Sobrang pambababoy ginawa nila sa kapatid ko. Karumal-dumal na nga pagkamatay ni Ramgen, sinisira pa nila ang pagkatao,” Bong said in his press statement.

He further added saying, “Mas grabe pa ang pambababoy na ginagawa nila kay Janelle. Grabe na ang kanyang pinagdaanan, at pilit pa nilang niyuyurakan ang pagkababae nito ngayon.”

Moreover, Senator Bong explained about the Anti-Voyeurism Law of 2009, he cited, “This means that every person who downloads, copies and sends the video is guilty of committing the offense, regardless if they were the original uploaders.”

Meanwhile, Senator Bong is also the co-author of the Anti-Voyeurism Law which was passed in 2009. The main author of the said law is the Buhay Partylist Representative Irwin Tieng.

Ramgen Revilla and Janelle Manahan Private Video Now Spreading in Social Networking Sites


A very private video of Janelle Manahan and Ramgen Revilla is spreading all over the internet.

In that video, Janelle and Ramgen were having intimate moments inside a bathroom. The late Ramgen Revilla was the one recording their sexually explicit video.

Atty. Guevarra confirmed that it was indeed his client, Janelle, in that video. He also condemned the spreading of the video in different social networking sites. According to Guevarra, Janelle wept in tears when she knew about the video that has already been circulating in the internet.

In a phone interview with Atty. Guevarra by the Philippine Star, he said, “This video represents the second assassination of Ramgen and second frustrated murder of Janelle and masterminded by the Bautista household.”

According to Janelle’s lawyer, one of Ramgen’s siblings was trying to blackmail Janelle by sending her messages through Facebook.

“She was told, ‘You are not clean Ate Janelle’,” Atty. Guevara said as regard to the message of one of Ramgen’s siblings.

On the other hand, in response to Atty. Guevarra’s accusation, Atty. Gepte, the lawyer of the Bautista family, said that it’s absurd to pinpoint the Baustista family as the culprit.

In an interview with Atty. Jeffrey Gepte, he said, “It’s absurd because it’s a private matter between Ramgen and Janelle.”

“So it would be very absurd for the whole Baustista family to know about it.”

37th MMFF 2011; Enteng ng Ina Mo Leads Box Office


Enteng ng Ina Mo, Vic Sotto and Ai-Ai

A spectacular parade of stars filled the streets with crowds of people as the casts of the 7 different MMFF entries showcased their movies onboard their floats.

The official entries of the 37th annual Metro Manila Film Festival boasted their magnificent floats which were designed according to the theme of their movies. The stars also dressed up in their costumes while throwing away candies, posters, fans, and shirts to promote and encourage movie goers to watch their movie.

The entries that made it to the 37th MMFF are: Ang Panday 2, Enteng ng Ina Mo, Manila Kingpin: Asiong Salonga, My House Husband, Segunda Mano, Shake, Rattle, and Roll 13, Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.

Meanwhile, as of today, December 26, the movie Enteng ng Ina takes the number one spot in the unofficial box office results followed by Ang Panday 2 and Segunda Mano.

Here is the list of the box office results of the 37th Metro Manila Film Festival as of today:

1. Enteng Ng Ina Mo – 52.8 million

2. Ang Panday 2 – 23 million

3. Segunda Mano – 18.25 million

4. My Househusband – 17.33 million

5. Shake Rattle & Roll 13 – 15.9 million

6. Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow – 10.1 million

7. Manila Kingpin: The Asiong Salonga Story – 3 million

Moreover, the 37th MMFF 2011 annual awards night will be held at the New World Resort Hotel on December 28, 2011.



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