TV Program Review: Nasaan Ka Elisa?

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The prime time TV program Nasaan Ka Elisa, which airs every weekdays after My Binondo Girl, is a crime-drama and suspense-thriller series. The pilot episode of Nasaan Ka Elisa? immediately presented a series of conflicts after the disappearance of the leading character Elisa Altamira.

An investigation follows after Elisa’s disappearance. The weary, rich parents of the missing daughter seek the help of investigators.

A couple of people have been questioned by authorities who are believed to have been with Elisa prior to her disappearance. As part of the investigation, authorities include the immediate family members in their list of people to be questioned.

The lead character Elisa Altamira is being portrayed by Melissa Ricks. This TV lead role could be a big break for Melissa as she plays the lead star in this TV series Nasaan Ka Elisa? Her efforts have finally paid off through this TV project which focuses on her character as Elisa.

It’s good to see Melissa invading into a more matured role such as her character in this TV series. This is a big break for her to showcase her versatility as an actress.

Meanwhile, we have seen Melissa played dramatic and serious roles on TV before but we hope to see more of Melissa as a lead star of this prime time series. We hope to see Melissa pull it off playing her character as Elisa.

There is still much to unveil in this TV series Nasaan Ka Elisa? The twists and turns of the story make it interesting to watch. The storyline itself makes viewers want to anticipate what will happen next as the story unfolds.


Anne Curtis, “Annebisyosa”

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Anne Curtis, album cover Annebisyosa

It’s definitely a dream come true for Anne Curtis as she releases her first ever debu album Annebisyosa under Viva Records.

Anne, who has been a talent of Viva Entertainment Inc. for 14 years, personally asked the management that it’s about time that she will be given the opportunity to have her solo album.

According to Anne, doing the album was just really a fulfillment of her dream though she honestly attests that she’s not good in singing.

“Listen at your own risk.” Anne said jokingly.

She added that doing the album was purely out of fun; nevertheless, the effort put into making this album was way more serious than it seems.

In her album cover, Anne sexily posed in her revealing Martin Bautista creation, and she completely looked stunning.

Annie Quintos, a member of a well-known singing group, The Company, served as Anne’s coach

Anne’s Annebisyosa album has 7 tracks plus 1 bonus track. The much awaited album is now available at record bars and malls nationwide.

Annebisyosa –Tracks

1. Tinamaan Ako

2. Alone

3. Total Eclipse of the Heart (feat. Sarah Geronimo)

4. Mouth

5. Bizarre Love Triangle

6. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

7. Too Many Walls

Bonus Track:

8. GSM Blue Jingle

Prior to this album, Anne had already showcased her singing prowess when she sang “Sukob Na,” the theme song of ABS-CBN’s 2011 rainy season station ID.


Featured Profile: Cristine Reyes

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Cristine Reyes

The feisty, sexy young actress Cristine Reyes invades on a captivating role in a movie entitled “No other Woman.” Cristine plays the role of a wife who battles up against her husband’s other woman portrayed by Anne Curtis.

Despite being Ara Mina’s younger sister, Cristine pursued her career in showbiz on her own.

Cristine’s  showbiz career started when she joined the first season of Starstruck—a reality-based artista search on GMA 7.

Although she was not lucky enough to win the said artista search, she now hails in movies, TV shows, commercials, and in the cover of magazines.

Cristine made several TV shows in GMA 7 before she transferred to ABS-CBN where she exclusively became the Kapamilya’s newest member, and was given more exposures and starring roles.

She reigned in the cover of a men’s magazine FHM after she was launched as a sexy actress in 2007.

The young actress continues to be stunning off cam and on cam because of her inspiration, Rayver Cruz. The young couple’s relationship is said to be going stronger, more so, when Rayver personally attended Cristine at the hospital after being diagnosed with so-called viral meningitis just a month ago.

Here’s a Profile of Cristine Reyes:

Full Name: Ara  Maria Cristine Pascual Klenk Reyes

Nickname: Ah-Ah; CK

Screen Name: Cristine Reyes     

Age: 22

Height: 5’3

Birth Date: February 5, 1989

Birth Sign: Aquarius

Birth Place: Marikina City

Religion: Catholic

Education: Studied in St. Bridget High School 

Occupation: Actress, Model, Endorser


She doesn’t want to be tickled

When she was younger, she tried to hide after she accidentally caused fire in the master bedroom

Tony Gonzaga dispels rumors about Mariel’s transfer to TV 5

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Is Tony the reason for Mariel’s decision to transfer to TV 5 network?

Tony Gonzaga and Mariel Rodriguez

There have been rumors that the two TV hosts, Tony and Mariel could not stand seeing each other in one show. Tony and Mariel are both under the same noon time show, Happy Yipee Yehey.

The TV host-actress Tony Gonzaga dispels rumors that she’s the reason why Mariel Rodriguez has decided to transfer to TV 5. In one of her interviews, Tony said, “kasi, artista lang din lamang ako. At kaibigan lang naman ako. Hindi naman ako lawyer. Hindi naman ako spokesperson. So, hayaan na lang natin silang mag-confirm ng mga ganyang bagay.”

Yesterday, September 25, 2011 at The Buzz , Tony assures everyone that she and Mariel are in speaking terms, and they don’t have any argument. In fact, she said, she even asked Mariel about this issue through a text message when she (Tony) read an article written by columnist Ricky Lo.

On the other hand, speaking of text message, the TV host Mariel Rodriguez said in her controversial reply via text, “Sa totoo lang po, ako I have no problem with other hosts. But Tony doesn’t like me. It’s very obvious that she can’t stand me, sad to say.”

Last year, the two TV hosts also had a argument about a certain issue, and it was only recently when these two tried to rebuild their friendship again.

However, Mariel’s transfer to TV 5 has made others speculate that Tony and Mariel have net yet really set aside their differences despite being in one noon time show, HYY.