Lea Salongga

Lea Salongga has finally explained her side in a one on one interview with Charlene Gonzales at The Buzz regarding the question which she asked to Miss Angola during the Miss Universe pageant.

There were those who commented that Lea’s question was so easy to answer as compared to the question that was asked to our very own Shamcey Supsup.

Lea defended herself saying that she didn’t prepare the question. According to her, all the questions were already prepared by the organizers of the Miss Universe pageant and she just read the question that was written on the paper the very same day the event was held.

The Broadway award-winning actress said that they (judges) were not allowed to have any kind of interaction with the Miss Universe contestants. She added that she only saw the pictures of the contestants through a souvenir program in her hotel room.

“When I got in, I picked it up, and I went through all…that was the only time I looked at everybody,” said Lea.

Lea told Charlene that the Miss Universe organizers told them (judges) too look for special qualities that they could see in each of the contestants.

“We were certainly told to look for that special something that is beyond their looks.”

“That when you look into their eyes, and you see there’s something real and sincere and strong.”

“It has to be something that represents a global community, and has to be someone who’s physically strong enough to handle the demands of one year.”

“So, we’re looking at everyone if they are physically, if they are physically strong, if they are vibrant…” Lea explained to Charlene.

In that interview, Lea revealed that she saw all those qualities in Miss Angola. She said that there was something regal about Miss Angola that the moment she went downstairs with her gown, she immediately captured her eyes—“Oh my God!” exclaimed Lea. It was how she felt when she saw the reigning Miss Universe on stage.