Homemade Pizza!!!


I was just taking my time off yesterday strolling around town when I decided to bake pizza for dinner. I suddenly had this crave for pizza so I went to look for a readily-made dough at a local bakery store. Luckily, I found it somewhere nearby and it was very affordable-1 pack with 4 pieces of dough costs 22 pesos or half a dollar.

I then headed straight into the grocery to buy some stuff  for the pizza toppings when I realized that it was already dark. So, I rushed home and surprised Kurty and Ryan that our dinner would be pizza. As expected, they both complained why the heck only pizza for dinner. Well, I was already expecting that kind of reaction from them–the hungry boys need something more than pizza. Oh Well, I only ate pizza for dinner while the boys ate rice and ham, and of course, the pizza.

We had satisfied our hungry palates as we devoured every slice of it. I was absolutely full and I was overly pleased with how my boys enjoyed the pizza I baked.



The Right Bad Stuff

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photo credits: Rasmus Lindersson

Have you ever had those moments when something which was totally wrong felt so right? At the back of your mind, you know that you are not supposed to do or engage in things that would harm you and the people around you, and yet you insist on doing it your way. You ignore those little voices whispering into your ears, pleading you to STOP. But, in many cases, you don’t listen. You know and you’re aware of what those little voices are telling you, but you choose to do your own thing, your own way, and with your own assumptions and beliefs.

Have you fallen into a trap where it’s hard to get out, not because you can’t but because there’s something you hold on to and can’t let go? Sometimes, we get so attached with something or someone and that letting go seems so hard. You know you want to set yourself FREE from all the bewildering situations. But, how could that be possible when you just keep on holding on with this thing that gives you happiness even if it means it’s just momentarily and temporarily? It’s a weird feeling of mixed emotions–a psychedelic feeling that you can’t exactly explain what it is. You hate yourself from doing it, from wanting it, from ignoring the consequences. Yet, you don’t seem to mind when you are at a state of getting a dose of your addiction to something or someone.

How come there are moments when some of the BAD STUFF you do feels so RIGHT? Well, you know that it’s wrong, but you just intentionally shut your eyes, cover your ears, and do what you feel like doing however strong your conscience tells you not to let yourself fall into that trap. It leads you to nowhere except that you are caught in a spiral where you just keep on coming back and doing it all over again.

“My soul knows my meat is doing bad things, and is embarrassed. But my meat just keeps right on doing bad, dumb things.” ― Kurt Vonnegut

coffee, banana, laptop, and Regina Spektor for breakfast


banana, coffee, and laptop for breakfast

I’ts Friday morning again. Days come and go so fast that at the start of the day, you already begin to wonder that’s it’s going to end soon, another break of dawn is coming, and the birth of a new day awaits us–again and again and again…

Before my morning slips away, I might as well enjoy my breakfast with a cup of coffee teamed up with a banana while I do some writing and other stuff online. While doing all these–drinking, munching, and typing, a nice background music from Regina Spektor sets my mood.

Regina Spektor is a very talented music artist–a singer, a songwriter, and a pianist. I think her songs are majestic, her lyrics are captivating, and whenever she writes songs, it’s not always the conventional type of songs we hear from other musicians. I love all her songs. I love her videos. I love her style.

Regina Spektor in concert, Tel Aviv

Image via Wikipedia

Congratulate Me! I cooked Lapu-Lapu sweet and sour and guess what, it’s my first time…woot!


I guess the title sounds a bit exaggerated–as if I won the lottery or something. Oh well, yesterday morning, Ryan returned home with a plastic bag on his hand. He proudly showed me two medium-sized Lapu-Lapu, and told me that we are going to cook it for dinner. In my mind, I thought we are just going to fry it, hah! too easy, but he suggested that we should make a sweet and sour dish, which is ideal for Lapu-Lapu.

photo credits: marketmanila.com

“How the heck do you cook Lapu-Lapu sweet and sour?” I told myself. Then, Ryan looked at me and asked, “Do you know how to cook sweet and sour?” and so I said that it’s easy. I told him that I’ll just browse through the internet to get  instructions on how to cook sweet and sour.

It’s definitely too easy to get instructions on the web–just ask Google. Okay, too easy, but I was worried what the outcome would be like. Is it going to taste like a sweet and sour dish or something else?

I’m not really a kitchen-person. I guess I just don’t have that passion for cooking or you may also say the I lack the talent for preparing dishes. Okay, I admit. I hate slicing, mincing, chopping, and all that stuff  you do in the kitchen…hmmm, probably not all the time . Of course, there are times when I am in the mood for messing up our kitchen like a chef wannabe trying to experiment new dishes, but only to realize that I’m far from wearing a toque. A toque is chef’s hat, by the way.

It was past 6 in the evening and time to prepare for dinner–‘Lapu-Lapu sweet and sour’. I bought all the ingredients (not really) listed on the website where I visited, however, I failed to include cornstarch in my list, but I guess it was okay.

Ryan did the frying while I assigned myself to take charge of the rest. First, I sliced and minced the garlic, onion, tomato, ginger, and carrots (for ginger and carrots, I sliced them into tiny matchsticks…that’s what it says in the instruction anyway) For the sauce, I bought a small pack of tomato sauce and ketchup (I was not sure about the ketchup, but I included it in my grocery list), the rest of the ingredients like salt, soy sauce, vinegar, and sugar were readily available in the kitchen.

At first, I thought that making this kind of dish could be quite complicated, but it was fairly easy. All I had to do was saute the garlic, onion, tomato, ginger, and carrots in a hot frying pan with at least 3-5 tablespoons of oil. Then, I poured the tomato sauce and also the ketchup to make the sauce a bit thicker, I dropped some small amount of vinegar and soy sauce, and a pinch of salt to taste. Then, I left it to boil for a minute, and right after that, I added 3 teaspoons of sugar and gave it a nice stir. Instead of pouring the sauce on the platter on top of the fried Lapu-Lapu, I placed the fish into the boiling sauce and I let it simmer for less than 2 minutes before I took it out from the fire. And Kaboom! A finish product.

Lapu-Lapu Sweet and Sour; photo credits: zamboanga.net

Unfortunately, I was not able to take a picture of my ‘Lapu-Lapu sweet and sour’ as we were already hungry to think of taking some snap shots.

Anyway, I just wanted to illustrate through this photo which I took from zamboanga.net. No offense to the one who prepared this dish but I think my presentation was better than this photo…hahaha…gosh! I’m too proud of myself to say that!

And the best part of it all, and to my surprise, it tastes good–like a real Lapu-Lapu sweet and sour.

Sharon confirmed a ‘Sharon-Gabby’ movie tandem by next year

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Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion; photo credits pep.ph

The Mega Star Sharon Cuneta is back on the big screen after two years since her last movie. The Mega Star has announced her line of movie projects. One particular movie is set to be shown next year in time for the Mother’s Day celebration.

Sharon has also confirmed that she will be doing a movie along with actor Gabby Concepcion and another movie has also been set along with Richard Gomez.

In an interview by ABS-CBN reporters with the Mega Star, she (Sharon) said, “Sharon and Gabby will probably push through next year. [Sharon and Richard] probably also next year.”

If and when the ‘Sharon- Gabby’ movie tandem will push through, it’s definitely what ‘Sharonians’ and Gabby fans have been waiting for a long time—to see their idols, Sharon and Gabby reunite once more in one big film.

The first ever movie which they starred together was the 1981 box-office hit “Dear Heart”. Eventually, the love team screen tandem ended from reel to real. They were also one of the most successful love teams in the 80’s era.

Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion made a total of 10 movies together. The last movie they made was “Tayong Dalawa” which was released in 1991.


Kris Aquino spoke about her appointment as UNHCR Ambassadress for Goodwill


Kris Aquino

It’s another title to be given to the Queen of all Media Kris Aquino if ever she becomes the Ambassadress for Goodwill to Asia. It’s also another humbling opportunity for Filipinos because out of all other countries in Asia, a representative from the Philippines has been chosen and the presidential sister is the top choice to be Asia’s representative.

Yesterday, in the October 11 episode of Kris TV, Kris Aquino finally talked about the UN’s invitation for her to be the Ambassadress for Goodwill to Asia.

Kris said that she has been waiting for the approval of her appointment in the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees for almost 10 months now.

According to Kris, it was just last week when she knew about the approval of her appointment during the UNHCR meeting held in Switzerland where presidential adviser Ronald Llamas attended the said meeting.

“…what makes this appointment a big honor is that it’s not just in the Philippines. Ako po ang magiging representative ng Asia. Ang American representative si Angelina Jolie,” Kris proudly told her audience.

She further added, “Merong representative na galing France or Norway, sana hindi ako nagkamali, and one from Australia. For Asia, Pilipinas po ang napili nila at ako po ang tatayo para sa ating lahat. Maraming maraming salamat po kasi karangalan ito hindi lang sa akin at sa pamilya ko kung hindi karangalan para sa bansa natin. Thank you, United Nations.”

“Hindi ko po alam” KC’s reply about her relationship with actor Piolo Pascual


KC Concepcion and Piolo Pascual

Rumors have been spreading from blind items to social networking sites that the couple KC Concepcion and Piolo Pascual have already parted ways. However, neither one of them has confirmed this rumors and both remained their lips sealed regarding the issue that they have already called it ‘quits’.

Although a couple of months ago, TV host-actress KC Concepcion said in an interview with ‘The Buzz that she and Piolo had a misunderstanding but she was hopeful that they would patch things up.

During the Star Magic Ball 2011, the couple seemed happy and okay when they arrived together. There were no signs of having some problems in terms of their relationship. In fact, the lovely couple displayed sweetness and affection all throughout the night in the Star Magic Ball held last September 3.

However, just recently, KC was spotted at the NAIA. Moments before her flight to Europe, ‘The Buzz’ interviewed the TV host and asked about why she’s leaving.

“Kailangan ko lang ng oras para sa sarili ko…kailangan ko lang ng ilang araw para huminga nang konti, kailangan ko lang itong time na ito para makapag-isip ako, para lang makalaro ang utak ko at para bumalik ako na buo pa rin ako,” said KC.

KC added that she wants to be with her childhood friends and visit some places that make her happy.

“Siyempre, comfort zone ko ang Europe. Tamang tama na nandoon din ‘yung mga childhood friends ko. Maganda din na makasama ko ang mga matagal ko nang kaibigan at makapunta sa lugar na makakapagpasaya sa akin,” explained KC.

Meanwhile, when the reporter asked KC, “Nagpaalam ka siyempre kay Papa P, Piolo Pascual?” the actress suddenly felt reluctant to answer and she just smiled. Hindi ko alam,” said KC.

KC Concepcion seemed uncertain on how to react and answer the reporter’s question.

“Si Papa P kayo pa ba?” the reporter asked KC.

KC just nodded and said, “Hindi ko po alam” while smiling as she walks far away from the reporter of ‘The Buzz’.


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