When A Man Blames A Woman, he blames her “BIG TIME”


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If a man happens to cheat on a woman, he gets the excuse of “being a man” and somehow manages to escape public scrutiny. Manhood and nature are his alibi–an excuse which a man often gets out clean.

“I was tempted…”I became weak”…”I AM SORRY!” A simple “I AM SORRY” makes a woman’s heart soft. A woman makes all the willingness to excuse his man’s unflattering ways of looking into another woman’s face with his “oh-so-sorry” dramatic lines. It’s ironic that a woman falls weak to his man’s plea after her man falls weak due to his so-called “nature.”

A woman manages to keep her pain long enough just to make amends with the man she feels deeply important to her. Although hurt, she still puts on her smile. Although broken, she keeps mending her wounded spirit. And although shuttered, she lets all bad things pass her way.

But, when a woman makes one false move, a man gives her the worst remarks she could get. Man throws all the blame to his woman making her feel she’s the worst worthless being on earth. Each word cuts her deeply until she’s almost like a shredded piece of trash as good as nothing. He curses his woman like a sinner whose sins are unforgivable and likens her to a stinking whore whose life is totally wrecked and wasted.

When a man say and act this way to his woman, does he ever try looking at himself too and wonder if he’s too clean to pinpoint dirt at his woman? A man hardly accepts a broken ego–the more if it’s his own woman who causes it. When a man blames her woman, he blames her BIG TIME!


TV Program Review: Nasaan Ka Elisa?

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The prime time TV program Nasaan Ka Elisa, which airs every weekdays after My Binondo Girl, is a crime-drama and suspense-thriller series. The pilot episode of Nasaan Ka Elisa? immediately presented a series of conflicts after the disappearance of the leading character Elisa Altamira.

An investigation follows after Elisa’s disappearance. The weary, rich parents of the missing daughter seek the help of investigators.

A couple of people have been questioned by authorities who are believed to have been with Elisa prior to her disappearance. As part of the investigation, authorities include the immediate family members in their list of people to be questioned.

The lead character Elisa Altamira is being portrayed by Melissa Ricks. This TV lead role could be a big break for Melissa as she plays the lead star in this TV series Nasaan Ka Elisa? Her efforts have finally paid off through this TV project which focuses on her character as Elisa.

It’s good to see Melissa invading into a more matured role such as her character in this TV series. This is a big break for her to showcase her versatility as an actress.

Meanwhile, we have seen Melissa played dramatic and serious roles on TV before but we hope to see more of Melissa as a lead star of this prime time series. We hope to see Melissa pull it off playing her character as Elisa.

There is still much to unveil in this TV series Nasaan Ka Elisa? The twists and turns of the story make it interesting to watch. The storyline itself makes viewers want to anticipate what will happen next as the story unfolds.

Willie bought Louis Vuitton bag for Joey de leon

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Did Joey and Willie finally call it quits? Was the controversial Louis Vuitton bag which Willie gave as a gift to Joey a proof that they are already indeed in good terms with each other?

TV hosts and comedians, Joey de leon and Willie Revillame, have been exchanging blatant remarks against each other on air ever since the latter’s former show, Wowowee, collided head-on with the other TV network’s noon time show Eat Bulaga.

Obviously, they were trying to compare each other’s show and each one is trying to prove to the audience which noon time TV program receives the higher rating.

In a September 17 episode of Startalk, co-host Lolit Solis handed over a brown paper bag to her fellow host, Joey de leon. Inside the brown paper bag was an expensive Louis Vuitton bag given by the Wil Time Big Time host, Willie Revillame. The said bag was bought in Macau where Willie recently went for a trip with his Wil Time Big Time stuff and friends via Willie’s private jet plane, Wil Sky.

Accordingly, Willie sent an invitation to Joey through his friend Lolit Solis to join with him in Macau. However, the Eat Bulaga’s TV host thought it was some sort of a joke.

“Akala ko kasi nagbibiro, tsaka kagagaling lang naming dun. Kararating lang din namin… Siguro, someday,” said Joey.

In an interview with Joey by PEP last Monday, September 26, the Eat Bulaga host said “Oo, pinasalamatan ko na siya. Maganda, maganda,”

“Ang sabi nga niya, meron din siya. Dalawa raw [binili niya], tig-iisa daw kaming dalawa raw, para maalala ko siya.”

“Sabi ko nga, ‘O, ikaw pa, kahit naman ano, mahirap kang kalimutan!”

Meanwhile, right before the segment ended, Joey again thanked Willie for the gift. He added by saying,

“Uli, Willie, thank you ulit doon sa regalo mo.”

“Maganda, e, dahil may koneksiyon doon sa isang bagay sa akin, e. Thank you, pare,” said Joey.

Joey and Willie are both under the TV 5 Kapatid Network. Joey is the host of the show Celebrity Samurai which airs every Sunday morning while Willie Revillame is the host of Wil Time Big Time.

Freelance: A Jump Start To A New Career

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Few months ago, I had a full-time job with a stable income. I worked as a preschool teacher. All I had to do was prepare my lesson and teach and play with the students.

The school where I worked was established in 2006, and I was one of the pioneer teachers. At that time, there were only four teachers with not more than 40 students. I was lucky that among the many applicants who applied for the job, I was chosen despite my educational background. There was really a huge disparity between the job I was applying for and my course description. Imagine, from a Political Science graduate to a full-time preschool teacher. Although I took professional education course way back 2004, it was still way different from early childhood education.

Another opportunity came when I happened to read a post at a local online classified ads. Again, I didn’t have any second thoughts. I immediately sent my application and resume online to the address that was posted on that site. I got excited at the thought of becoming an Online English teacher, but then again I didn’t have any experience teaching online, however, it didn’t stop me from trying my luck. Just like my first job, I was assigned as the marketing assistant and circulation-in-charge for a publishing company, and the challenging part was the time I was tasked to do bookkeeping. Who wouldn’t fret? I was studying the constitution of the Philippines and the next thing I knew, I was already doing some computations and payrolls–definitely out of my league.

One day, I received a message through my cellphone. The message came from the manager of the Online English school, and I was literally having cold feet and hands. I got nervous when I read the message that I would be interviewed later that day. So, basically the rest was history. I got the job–yeepee!

Did I quit from my daytime job as a preschool teacher? No, I didn’t. I was literally in the act of juggling from daytime to night time job. Soon, I found myself too exhausted trying to balance my time–work, family, and self.

First, I gave up online teaching, and months later, I quit my daytime job as a preschool teacher. The next thing I knew I was already unemployed. At first, I enjoyed the freedom of just staying at home–relaxed and carefree. I had a new title on my name–full-time mother and homemaker. I spent my time surfing the internet while my son was in school and while my hubby was busy working.

While browsing, the word “freelancer” popped into my mind. I had been eyeing on becoming a freelancer even before I quit my two jobs. I remembered having thoughts of becoming a freelancer and entrepreneur. I did some research on freelancing, and I found many home-based teaching jobs and so many other online jobs that I can do at home.

It has been less than a month since I finally decided to give it (freelancing) a go, and then I realized that it’s not easy to be an online freelancer. I am in the process of learning and getting helpful tips from experts who have managed to make it as a freelancer. I just wish that I won’t run out of patience and hope.

Hopefully, I can manage to do more online jobs like article writing, blogging, and any similar jobs. Thus, gaining more experiences mean gaining more projects and income.

The internet is a difficult world to thrive in but soon you’ll learn to settle. It’s like a maze that you need to find your way around. You are definitely on your own trying to make a mark in the online industry where aggressiveness, determination, creativity, patience, perseverance, and resourcefulness play a major role.

I am a freelancer and it’s a jump start to a new career.