Shaina Magdayao and John Lloyd Cruz : Exclusive Tell-All Interview with Boy Abunda on their Rumored Split-Up

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John Lloyd Cruz and Shaina Magdayao; photo via ABS-CBN exclusive interview

John Lloyd Cruz and Shaina Magdayao finally sat down together in an exclusive interview with TV host Boy Abunda to clear up some rumors which stirred a lot of speculations lately all over the media.

According to Boy Abunda, originally, it was only Shaina who was supposed to do the interview but John Lloyd also wanted to express his side of the story.

“Sa mga nakikisawsaw sa pinagdadaanan…lalo na sa mga nagsasamntala sa pinagdadaanan nmin bilang magkarelasyon…bilang mga tao… parang hindi ko kayang… ano …hindi ko kayang tapak tapakan…bastusin,” John Lloyd told Boy.

Parang sumosobra na e,…para bang dahil lng nasanay sila na hindi ako lagi nagsasalita… dahil lagi ko na lang pinipili na tumahimik…kakayakayanin na lang nila ako…so, I figured gusto ko gawin nga ito Tito boy …this interview… para once and for all matapos na ‘to,” Shaina said with teary eyes.

When Boy Abunda asked the two if Ruffa Gutierez was the reason behind why their relationship is ‘on the rocks’, John Lloyd and Shaina immediately dismissed the speculation and said that Ruffa has nothing to do with whatever problems they have as of the moment as far as their relationship is concerned.

When Boy Abunda asked the question about Ruffa’s involvement in the issue, Shaina laughed saying, “Tito Boy, hindi po.”

Boy also asked if there was any truth about her text message to Ruffa, Shaina quickly revealed that she indeed sent Ruffa a text message saying, ‘leave us alone’. According to Shaina, she said those words because Ruffa sent John Lloyd a text message right after they left the party, and those were the exact words she wanted to say to Ruffa said Shaina.

What else will Shaina Magdayao and John Lloyd Cruz reveal in this interview? The full exclusive interview will be aired this coming Sunday at The Buzz.


“Hindi ko po alam” KC’s reply about her relationship with actor Piolo Pascual


KC Concepcion and Piolo Pascual

Rumors have been spreading from blind items to social networking sites that the couple KC Concepcion and Piolo Pascual have already parted ways. However, neither one of them has confirmed this rumors and both remained their lips sealed regarding the issue that they have already called it ‘quits’.

Although a couple of months ago, TV host-actress KC Concepcion said in an interview with ‘The Buzz that she and Piolo had a misunderstanding but she was hopeful that they would patch things up.

During the Star Magic Ball 2011, the couple seemed happy and okay when they arrived together. There were no signs of having some problems in terms of their relationship. In fact, the lovely couple displayed sweetness and affection all throughout the night in the Star Magic Ball held last September 3.

However, just recently, KC was spotted at the NAIA. Moments before her flight to Europe, ‘The Buzz’ interviewed the TV host and asked about why she’s leaving.

“Kailangan ko lang ng oras para sa sarili ko…kailangan ko lang ng ilang araw para huminga nang konti, kailangan ko lang itong time na ito para makapag-isip ako, para lang makalaro ang utak ko at para bumalik ako na buo pa rin ako,” said KC.

KC added that she wants to be with her childhood friends and visit some places that make her happy.

“Siyempre, comfort zone ko ang Europe. Tamang tama na nandoon din ‘yung mga childhood friends ko. Maganda din na makasama ko ang mga matagal ko nang kaibigan at makapunta sa lugar na makakapagpasaya sa akin,” explained KC.

Meanwhile, when the reporter asked KC, “Nagpaalam ka siyempre kay Papa P, Piolo Pascual?” the actress suddenly felt reluctant to answer and she just smiled. Hindi ko alam,” said KC.

KC Concepcion seemed uncertain on how to react and answer the reporter’s question.

“Si Papa P kayo pa ba?” the reporter asked KC.

KC just nodded and said, “Hindi ko po alam” while smiling as she walks far away from the reporter of ‘The Buzz’.


Lea Salongga’s Miss Universe bet was Miss Angola

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Lea Salongga

Lea Salongga has finally explained her side in a one on one interview with Charlene Gonzales at The Buzz regarding the question which she asked to Miss Angola during the Miss Universe pageant.

There were those who commented that Lea’s question was so easy to answer as compared to the question that was asked to our very own Shamcey Supsup.

Lea defended herself saying that she didn’t prepare the question. According to her, all the questions were already prepared by the organizers of the Miss Universe pageant and she just read the question that was written on the paper the very same day the event was held.

The Broadway award-winning actress said that they (judges) were not allowed to have any kind of interaction with the Miss Universe contestants. She added that she only saw the pictures of the contestants through a souvenir program in her hotel room.

“When I got in, I picked it up, and I went through all…that was the only time I looked at everybody,” said Lea.

Lea told Charlene that the Miss Universe organizers told them (judges) too look for special qualities that they could see in each of the contestants.

“We were certainly told to look for that special something that is beyond their looks.”

“That when you look into their eyes, and you see there’s something real and sincere and strong.”

“It has to be something that represents a global community, and has to be someone who’s physically strong enough to handle the demands of one year.”

“So, we’re looking at everyone if they are physically, if they are physically strong, if they are vibrant…” Lea explained to Charlene.

In that interview, Lea revealed that she saw all those qualities in Miss Angola. She said that there was something regal about Miss Angola that the moment she went downstairs with her gown, she immediately captured her eyes—“Oh my God!” exclaimed Lea. It was how she felt when she saw the reigning Miss Universe on stage.


Andrea del Rosario shared her ordeals with Boy Abunda

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Andrea del Rosario

Andrea del Rosario, who became known as a sexy actress and one of the members of Viva hotbabes, shared her ordeals with Boy Abunda in The Buzz while she was carrying her first child and her experiences after she gave birth.

It has been a while since the actress appeared on television. She left the Philippines and stayed in the United States for quite some time. It was during her stay in the US where she got pregnant and gave birth to her first born child.

However, when Boy Abunda asked about the father’s identity, Andrea kept her silence and told Boy that she prefers not to mention anything about the father’s identity out of respect. Andrea just told the TV host that she and her child’s father are okay and that he has been very good to her and to her daughter.

The former Viva hotbabe was almost in tears when she told Boy about her daughter’s condition even while she was still in her womb at the time of her pregnancy. According to Andrea, her daughter is suffering from a congenital condition called Jejunal Atresia, a rare genetic disorder, an absence of the fold of the stomach membrane that connects the small intestine to the back wall of the abdomen.

Boy Abunda asked Andrea if it was her plan to have a baby, the sexy actress immediately answered saying that she really wanted to have a baby and that her daughter was an answered prayer despite almost giving up on her condition. Andrea also told Boy that when her daughter was just few days old, she already had undergone a couple of surgeries.  She added that prayers kept her strong. She said that she would just cuddle her baby and pray.

Hopefully, Andrea will surpass all these trials and that her daughter will be her source of strength.