Banana Blossom (Puso ng Saging) Patties: No Meat, Just 100% Banana Blossom!


Banana Blossom Patties

Lately, I have been preparing veggies (no meat at all) for dinner.  A couple of nights ago, I cooked sauteed bitter gourd and malabar spinach mixed with egg. Usually, I only saute bitter gourd with egg, but I decided to give the dish a little twist by adding malabar spinach or Philippine spinach. In Filipino, we call it “alugbati“. And so, speaking of veggies, I was again in my cooking (experimenting) mood for preparing a healthy dish last night.

I got inspired when I saw a cooking segment in a TV show featuring a healthy alternative to beef burger patties. Instead of using grind beef in making burger patties, banana blossom was used as an alternative.

Locally, banana blossom is commonly known as “puso ng saging” which literally translates as “heart of the banana” or “banana heart”.

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So, as I have said, I was ‘experimenting’ in the kitchen again and purely relying on luck. Oh well, if the outcome turned out to be a disaster, I could always justify and say AGAIN, “hey, it’s my first time, you know?”

In cooking Banana Blossom Patties, you’ll need the following:

1 banana blossom (chopped)

1/4 cup flour

2 eggs

cooking oil

3 cloves of garlic (chopped)

1 onion (chopped)

salt and pepper to taste

seasoning (magic sarap)


Of course, peel the banana blossom until what’s left is the part where you will see the lightest shade of the banana blossom. It was somehow tricky for me to determine if I was still peeling the outer skin because I really could’t tell which part goes to the pan and which part goes straight into the trash bag. By the way, last night was my first time to peel and slice a banana blossom–weeeee!

Okay, going back. After chopping the banana blossom into tiny pieces, boil it for few minutes to remove the sap. Then, remove it from the fire and let it cool down for a while. Mix all the ingredients together–flour, eggs, onion, garlic, salt and pepper, and seasoning.

In your frying pan, pour the vegetable oil and wait until it’s hot enough to fry the banana blossom burger patties. When you’re done, you may even make it more delectable by preparing a gravy for your banana blossom patties. In my case, I bought an instant gravy which was sold in a pack. All I did was add hot water into the powdered gravy and mix it until it has the consistency of a sauce.

Banana blossom patty is also great for snack. Instead of the usual beef burger we eat for snacks, why not try this healthy alternative? I am sure your kids will love it too.


Blind Item: Daughter and Mother got late in an event, ordered food worth 10k

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According to a blind item published in pinoyparazzi, former actress and her mother were invited in a special event. However, they arrived late and only few remaining dishes were left. So, the two decided to order some food. But, it’s already not part of the event organizer’s responsibility to pay for the food they ordered because the foods they ordered were not listed in the menu which the organizers have chosen to serve to its guests. Accordingly, the mother-daughter team ordered some expensive dishes.

When the waiter approached them with the bill, the actress and her mother refused to pay for the food they ordered saying that they were invited as guests in the said event. The waiter explained to both of them that the food and drinks they ordered were not part of the event’s free food and drinks being served to guests in that event. The worst part is—they were charged around 10 thousand pesos for the food and drinks they ate and drank.

Suddenly, they spotted a rich friend who happened to also be one of the guests in that event. Accordingly, the mother and daughter tandem jokingly told their friend about the food they ordered and the amount they were charged to pay. Upon hearing this, the rich friend told them that he/she didn’t bring any cash, (some sort of an alibi) and besides, the rich man was not also willing to pay for the bill.

And so, the mother and daughter team were left with no choice but to pay the said amount worth ten thousand pesos, the total amount of food and drinks they ordered.

It’s a lesson learned for both of them—never come late when invited in a special event and make sure to order food within their means.

Andrea del Rosario shared her ordeals with Boy Abunda

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Andrea del Rosario

Andrea del Rosario, who became known as a sexy actress and one of the members of Viva hotbabes, shared her ordeals with Boy Abunda in The Buzz while she was carrying her first child and her experiences after she gave birth.

It has been a while since the actress appeared on television. She left the Philippines and stayed in the United States for quite some time. It was during her stay in the US where she got pregnant and gave birth to her first born child.

However, when Boy Abunda asked about the father’s identity, Andrea kept her silence and told Boy that she prefers not to mention anything about the father’s identity out of respect. Andrea just told the TV host that she and her child’s father are okay and that he has been very good to her and to her daughter.

The former Viva hotbabe was almost in tears when she told Boy about her daughter’s condition even while she was still in her womb at the time of her pregnancy. According to Andrea, her daughter is suffering from a congenital condition called Jejunal Atresia, a rare genetic disorder, an absence of the fold of the stomach membrane that connects the small intestine to the back wall of the abdomen.

Boy Abunda asked Andrea if it was her plan to have a baby, the sexy actress immediately answered saying that she really wanted to have a baby and that her daughter was an answered prayer despite almost giving up on her condition. Andrea also told Boy that when her daughter was just few days old, she already had undergone a couple of surgeries.  She added that prayers kept her strong. She said that she would just cuddle her baby and pray.

Hopefully, Andrea will surpass all these trials and that her daughter will be her source of strength.


What one thing can’t you seem to scratch off your to-do list?

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Obviously, if there’s one thing I can’t simply skip not doing as of this time, it would be getting my fingers busy on the keyboard of my laptop. I am somehow hooked to the internet especially now that my new found job requires me to be online most of the time. Sounds fun? Absolutely! It’s a paid job. However, among the downside effects of spending too much time in front of the computer monitor are eye strain, head ache, stiff neck and worst is eye damage.

Going online has become part of my daily routine. As soon as my son leaves home for school and my hubby for work early in the morning, I immediately switch on my laptop and connect to the internet. If you’d ask me, what’s the first thing I do when I am online? Well, browsing through my Facebook takes the no. 1 spot and followed by checking emails, logging in to Skype, read some articles online, YouTube, blog, write articles, browse, browse, and just browse.

I usually leave my laptop on the whole day, and the only time when it’s totally off is when I am asleep. However, there are instances when I sometimes fail to to shut it down because I fall asleep unconsciously.

How am I going to react if there’s no internet? A day without internet would probably cause me to scratch my head in dismay. If it’s going to be longer than 3 days, I’d probably get so upset.

So, how about you? What one thing can’t you seem to scratch off your to-do list?