Maasinhon Trio: Pilipinas Got Talent Season 3 Winner


PGT Season 3 winner Maasinhon Trio

It was an intense evening last night, October 23, at the Ynares Stadium as everyone was anxiously waiting who will be declared as Season 3’s PIlipinas Got Talent winner.

Prior to the result’s night, all three finalists of PGT Season 3 performed their best on stage last Saturday, October 22, in a chance to captivate the Filipino viewers to vote for them via text votes. The Maasinhon Trio, Bringas Brothers, and Khalil Joseph Ramos gave an outstanding performance last Saturday. But it was the group coming from Southern Leyte who bagged this season’s once in a lifetime chance at Pilipinas Got Talent reality contest.

The Maasinhon Trio reigned the stage of the Ynares Stadium in Pasig after the three PGT judges Ai-Ai delas Alas, Kris Aquino, and Freddie M. Garcia announced them as the winner of Pilipinas Got Talent Season 3.

The trio from Southern Leyte took home the grand cash prize worth 2 million pesos. Their winning song “Nais Ko” of Apo Hiking Society placed them in the winning streak ahead of two other remaining finalists in the viewers’ text votes.

Meanwhile, the Result’s Night was also star-studded as some of the country’s talented artists graced the stage with their performances.

Marcelito Pomoy, Season 2 PGT winner, also took the stage with his amazing version of The Prayer, which he sang during his final performance in the PGT Season 2.


Kris Aquino spoke about her appointment as UNHCR Ambassadress for Goodwill


Kris Aquino

It’s another title to be given to the Queen of all Media Kris Aquino if ever she becomes the Ambassadress for Goodwill to Asia. It’s also another humbling opportunity for Filipinos because out of all other countries in Asia, a representative from the Philippines has been chosen and the presidential sister is the top choice to be Asia’s representative.

Yesterday, in the October 11 episode of Kris TV, Kris Aquino finally talked about the UN’s invitation for her to be the Ambassadress for Goodwill to Asia.

Kris said that she has been waiting for the approval of her appointment in the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees for almost 10 months now.

According to Kris, it was just last week when she knew about the approval of her appointment during the UNHCR meeting held in Switzerland where presidential adviser Ronald Llamas attended the said meeting.

“…what makes this appointment a big honor is that it’s not just in the Philippines. Ako po ang magiging representative ng Asia. Ang American representative si Angelina Jolie,” Kris proudly told her audience.

She further added, “Merong representative na galing France or Norway, sana hindi ako nagkamali, and one from Australia. For Asia, Pilipinas po ang napili nila at ako po ang tatayo para sa ating lahat. Maraming maraming salamat po kasi karangalan ito hindi lang sa akin at sa pamilya ko kung hindi karangalan para sa bansa natin. Thank you, United Nations.”

Kris Aquino as Ambassadress for Goodwill

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Kris Aquino

From movies to TV hosting, to game show host, to TV commercials and product endorsements, Kris Aquino proves that she has the ‘say’.

Kris is one of the most workaholic celebrities in the industry. She is always at the top of her game when she works, putting her best foot forward at all times. It’s no wonder that she receives so many offers and she never runs out of things to do.

Recently, it was announced that the United Nations High Commission for Refugees invited the Queen of All Media to be the ambassadress for goodwill to Asia.

The said announcement was made by the Malacanang Presidential Adviser for Politcal Affairs Ronald Llamas.

Llamas said that one of the reasons why UNHCR offered Kris Aquino to be the ambassadress of goodwill was that accordingly the Aquino family was considered to be political refugees during the time of Marcos’ dictatorship.

Llamas further told press that he personally received the good news when he visited Geneva, Switzerland during the UNHCR Executive Meeting.

If ever the Queen of All Media Kris Aquino decides to take this responsibility and one of a kind opportunity, she will be of equal footings with Princess Diana who became UN’s ambassador for goodwill, and so with Hollywood star Angelina Jolie who is very active in this field as an ambassador for refugees.


Ballsy to Kris Aquino, “Krissy, ‘di ba you said ayaw mo na ng gwapo?”

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Diether Ocampo and Kris Aquino

Just weeks ago, actor Diether Ocampo, who appeared in the September 22 episode of Kris TV, made viewers speculate that there is indeed something going on between the actor and the morning talk show host. It was also during this episode that Kris told viewers about her son’s reaction when asked if it was okay to have Diether as her boyfriend. Kris said that Baby James told her that it’s okay for her to like his tito Diether but not love.

In a TV interview with Kris Aquino by ABS-CBN, the TV host told reporters that the issue between her and Diether Ocampo is not true. The TV host said that she does not want to have a ‘gwapo’ boyfriend just like hunk actor Diether.

Kris said that she’s too busy to focus on lovelife—that aside from her morning show in ABS-CBN, she’s also doing a movie with Dingdong Dantes entitled Segunda Mano and she has just launched her new line of kitchen and home products.

Meanwhile, after the controversial TV show guesting of Diether Ocampo in Kris TV, Kris Aquino told reporters that after the her sister Ballsy called and asked, “Krissy, ‘di ba you said ayaw mo na ng gwapo?”  “I’m just reminding you na you said ayaw mo na ng gwapo,” Kris relayed to reporters exactly what her sister told her.

Kris immediately defended herself and said that she’s indeed not looking for a good-looking boyfriend. Furthermore, she also clarified that there is no such kind of romantic relationships going on between her and Diether.

Who could be the next guy to be linked with Kris Aquino? Will the queen of all media maintain her statement that she will not be looking for a ‘gwapo’ boyfriend?

Kris-Diether blooming relationship

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Kris Aquino and Diether Ocampo

What’s the real score between the TV host-actress Kris Aquino and actor Diether Ocampo? Rumor has it that Kris and Diether are taking their relationship to the next level and romance is in the air.

In several interviews, the two constantly denies any kind of romantic relationship. They both claim that they are just good friends, and that they are enjoying their time being single and unattached.

The rumored romantic relationship between Kris and Diether once again surfaced when the actor guested in the September 22 episode of Kris TV. The TV host and the actor showed signs of sweetness as they exchange words during the interview.

“Tinanong ko si Bimby, pinapanood ka namin. Sabi ko, ‘Bimb, can Tito Diet become my boyfriend?’ And sinabi niya sa’kin, ‘But why?’ Sabi ko, ‘Oh, okay. Why not?’ ‘Because I love you, Mama. You can like him, but don’t love him. Okay, so at least may permiso ka na na I can like you.” said Kris in her show, Kris TV during that episode.

The actor replied saying, “Parang like pa lang, sobra-sobra na yata ‘yon.”

Meanwhile, the four-year old baby James previously expressed that he does not want his mother Kris to fall in love again with another guy. Kris was married to James Yap. Unfortunately, the relationship didn’t work, and they are now in the process of annulment.


Shamcey, to go out with President Noynoy

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Shamcey, to go out with President Noynoy.

Shamcey, to go out with President Noynoy

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Miss Universe 3rd runner-up Shamcey Supsup and President Noynoy Aquino

Miss Universe 3rd runner-up Shamcey Supsup arrived back home to the Philippines last Saturday, September 18, 2011 with numerous activities aligned for her homecoming. The beauty queen’s arrival were followed by several press conferences, interviews, TV guesting, and of course, the courtesy call on President Noynoy Aquino.

Before President Noynoy Aquino left the country that night of September 18 to attend the Open Governance Partnership in the US, he and Shamcey met at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport VIP lounge. It was just a brief conversation between the president and the Miss Universe 3rd runner-up, and then they had some photo shots taken before PNoy left.

The following day, September 19, 2011, Shamcey Supsup guested in Kris Aquino’s morning show Kris TV. Kris Aquino asked Shamcey if she and PNoy exchanged a few words.

“Yeah, he congratulated me and he said that he was so proud that I gave honor to the country. And we had a photo before when he congratulated me when I won the Bb. Pilipinas and he signed it. I have a souvenir.” said Shamcey.

Kris also asked Shamcey if she would go out with his brother, President Noynoy. “Honestly, if you didn’t have any attachment, and he asked you to have dinner with him, would you?” Kris asked Shamcey. The beauty queen replied, “Why not?”

Kris Aquino was elated by Shamcey’s reply. “I like that answer.” said Kris.