“Insanities of Normality”?


A Profound Hatred of Man

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We are often struck with negativity in life–war, conflicts, disputes, anger, hatred, greediness, atrocities, and all the madness that this world has come to witness. I am not cleaning my hands off and saying that I am not guilty of some of these feelings like anger and hatred–these are human emotions that are innate in us. But, I wonder why others tend to go to extremes with these emotions like hating others just for the sake of hating while knowing that these people have done nothing to hurt them–at times, I could not understand why such feelings. Well, it is said that we think, feel, and act differently. Still, it’s hard for me to understand these complexities.

I think it’s really up to us how we handle ourselves in such situations when these emotions occur. However, some take it too hard and allow themselves to be consumed by rage. Have you watched the news on television, listened to the radio, and heard what others are talking about–it’s about the war in Libya and the recent footage of Gadhafi’s death. We thrive in news of war, death, and tragedies.

Locally, not far from my region and just about approximately 1.27 miles away, rebels, who are believed to be connected with the Al-Qaeda, have killed 16 soldiers while others were lucky enough to escape from death. And just recently, days before the celebration of our local feast “The Lady of Pilar”, two bombing incident occurred in two different places. Have all these become part of my life? our lives? Is it a matter of getting used to it? Probably.

Despite all these, we learn to live our lives as if it’s just part of everyday life scenarios–we learn to live, survive, and get used to it. Is this what we call “the insanities of normality”?

I happened to read an article entitled “TOWARDS A PHILOSOPHY OF SUSTAINABILITY”. According to this article, “the “Insanities of Normality ” are such a pervasive, integral and often essential part of our lives and the world at large that it is very difficult recognising them. When we do, it is usually because they are far away or involve other people rather than ourselves. The ones we ourselves are involved in and dependent upon are virtually invisible to us. When we do catch glimpses of them, we use our large “prime-ape” brain to rationalise and justify them. Most relate to the continuing, blind, dumb-animal (Darwinian) struggle for survival and advantage in the “socio-economic environment”, which for modern man has effectively replaced the natural environment, and thus also explains why it is so difficult to see them for what they are.”


Dingdong Dantes, the new face of human trafficking campaign

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Dingdong Dantes

Dingdong Dantes is the new face of the campaign against human trafficking. As human trafficking is getting worst in the country, a need for awareness campaign is needed to educate what it’s all about.

Last year, Dantes was appointed as the Youth Ambassador for the Arts by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts where one of his (Dingdong) advocacies was youth empowerment. He was personally chosen by the NCCA because of his positive and wholesome image.

This year, he’s up for another task. In a GMA news report, Justice Secretary Leila de Lima told reporters that Dingdong Dantes was chosen as the new ambassador of the government’s anti-trafficking campaign.

In line with this, Dingdong will host a documentary program in support of MTV Exit Campaign, which is a campaign against human trafficking. The said documentary program is entitled ‘Enslaved’ which will be aired in GMA News TV this coming November 27 at 9:55 in the evening.

In an interview with Dingdong by a GMA reporter, he said, “…etong human trafficking…if you really look into it closely…it involves…majority kabataan, e,… and…ang objective for this…to be eliminated or for it to be stopped, is for you to know what human trafficking is all about.”

Meanwhile, Dingdong Dantes and girlfriend Marian Rivera already scheduled a time-off from their tapings to watch Manny Pacquiao’s boxing fight against Juan Manuel Marquez at Las Vegas.

Mariel Rodriguez, thankful to Willie

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Mariel Rodriguez

Mariel Rodriguez, the newest Kapatid of TV5 network and an addition to the family of Willie’s prime time game show ‘Wil Time Big Time’, made her first appearance and grand entrance at the said game show last October 15.

“Mga kababayan naming, Kapatid, Kapuso, Kapamilya. Starting this day, magbibigay sa inyo at magbibigay saya sa ating lahat. Makakapiling po natin araw-araw. Please welcome, Mariel Rodriguez,” Willie proudly announced.

Thank you talaga. Maraming salamat. Hindi lang sko ang lumipat dito sa happy network pati mga Forever  Mariel. Maraming-maraming salamat,” said Mariel.

The other hosts of ‘Wil Time Big Time’ welcomed the former ABS-CBN host into the show. TV5 officials and TV personalities also warmly welcomed Mariel through a VTR that was specially prepared for her on her first appearance on the game show.

Actor and husband Robin Padilla surprised Mariel through a serenade song entitled ‘Ipagpatawad Mo’ with a bouquet of flowers. The actor also extended his gratitude to ABS-CBN’s former show ‘Wowowee’ where he first met his wife Mariel.

Meanwhile, in a recent interview with Mariel by PEP, she said that she’s thankful to host Willie Revillame. According to her, If not because of Willie, Robin wouldn’t be part of her life. Robin Padilla and Mariel Rodriguez met at Willie’s former show in ABS-CBN, Wowowee. Eventually, they grew closer to each other, and got married.

“…it’s overwhelming talaga. Kasi, hindi ko naman ini-expect na ganun kainit ang pagtanggap nila sa akin talaga.”

“…parang reunion e, namin ni kuya Willie…”

“…sobra talaga akong naiyak sa backstage sa mga sinabi ni kuya (Willie), alam mo yung nagkaintindihan kami kahit ilang taon kaming hindi nagkasama, “Mariel told PEP.\

Manny Pacquiao, is he just a ‘ninong’ or is he fathering the son of a culinary arts student?

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As ‘No Other Woman’ hails in the box-office, issues about Manny’s ‘other women’ keep on surfacing, one after the other.

A recent rumor that’s hovering around involves a 22-year old culinary arts student, who has been the subject of a local tabloid Bulgar.

The said tabloid featured some pictures taken during the baptismal event of the culinary arts student’s baby boy where Manny Pacquiao was invited as one of the ninongs. The ceremony was held at the St. Francis de Assisi Church and the venue for the reception was held at Shangri-la hotel.

Rumor has it that Manny is not just the ninong of the baby boy, but he is said to be the father of that child.

Recently, the 22-year old culinary arts student, Kat Ordoñez clarified the issue through a phone-patch interview at Showbiz Central. She denied the allegation linking her to the Saranggani congressman and the issue on Pacquiao fathering her child.

In that interview, Kat said, “Hindi po totoo yun…si congressman Manny Pacquiao, hindi po tatay ng anak ko.”

“Kinuha ko lamang siya na ninong ng anak ko sa binyag na naganap noong September 17 sa St. Francis de Assisi,” she explained.

According to Kat, the father of her child is in Dubai. She also pointed out that her ex-boyfriend (the father of her son) worked as one of Pacquiao’s assistant, and that’s the reason how she knew Manny Pacquiao.

Jolo, diagnosed having bleeding in his brain according to Sen. Bong Revillame

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Bong Revilla and Jolo Revilla

In an interview with Sen. Bong Revilla by Lhar Santiago of Chika Minute, Bong shared about Jolo’s condition, which led him and his wife Lani to get scared.

Jolo was brought to the hospital for a check-up after complaining from a severe headache. When the first result came out, it revealed that there’s a bleeding in his brain area.

Bong said that he and his wife congressman Lani Mercado were so worried about doctor’s findings, and so they asked for a second opinion just to make sure. Luckily, it was not as malignant as what they thought at first based on Jolo’s first diagnosis.

Accordingly, Jolo’s brain was just swollen which could be one of the causes why Jolo was having headaches.

“Thank God at least hindi yung unang findings na sinasabing bleeding yung kanyang brain, siyempre kaya namin ipina-second opinion. Buti na lang maganda yung turnout nung test. Medyo swollen siya because siguro overwork siya,” Sen. Bong Revilla said in his interview.

Senator Bong Revilla also said that he advised his son to take it slow and to take care of his (Jolo) health.

Meanwhile, Bong also told about his movie Panday 2 which he is currently shooting with stars Marian Rivera, Rhian Ramos, Alice Dixon, Lorna Tolentino, Iza Calsado, and Lucy Torres-Gomez.

Pacquiao, promoted as Lt. Col. in Army Reserve Force


Manny Pacquiao promoted as Lt. Col.

Congressman Manny Pacquaio now holds a new and higher position in the military reserve force. His rank in the Army reserve force has stepped a notch higher from Senior Master Sergeant to Lieutenant Colonel.

The announcement was made last Friday by the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).  According to the AFP, the document pertaining to Pacquiao’s commissionship was signed by Executive Secretary  Paquito Ochoa under the authority of President Noynoy Aquino.

However, some experts in the field questioned the AFP’s decision to promote Pacquiao as Lieutenant Colonel on the basis that Paquiao was missing one requirement. Experts pointed out that according to the provisions stated under Republic Act 7077 or the AFP Reservist Act of 1991, in order to be promoted to that position, one must have a college degree.

On the other hand, AFP stated that they have taken into consideration Pacquiao’s honorary doctorate degree on humanities given by the Southwestern University in Cebu in 2009, thus, his promotion as Lieutenant Colonel in Army Reserve Force.

Meanwhile, in an interview yesterday morning with AFP officials in Umagang kay Ganda’s Punto Por Punto by Anthony Taberna, they revealed that Manny Pacquiao personally applied to be enlisted as Lieutenant Colonel.

If the above statement was true enough, the question is, does Manny Pacquiao really need it? Pacquiao already carries quite a number of badges under his name; he no longer needs to prove anything by attaching his name to different titles—pound for pound king, Pinoy champ, Filipino pride, Saranggani congressman, and now, AFP reserve force Lieutenant Colonel.

For many Filipinos, Pacquiao’s legacy as a Pinoy boxer is already sufficient enough for him to be hailed as country’s pride.

Sex Causes Amnesia?

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I don’t know if I am going to laugh or get pretty scared with this news spreading over the internet and local television. I first read the article when I browsed through www.huffingtonpost.com. You could say that I was blown away by the title of the article, “Mind-Blowing Sex? Amnesia Could Be Caused By Sex, New Report Suggests”

Of course, it sounds alarming and who would want to fall into a situation where you couldn’t recall anything after enjoying a mind-blowing sex? So, I might as well make myself informed by reading the article.

In the September issue of The Journal of Emergency Medicine, it reported that a woman in her 50s suffered from a so-called transient global amnesia after an exciting and titillating sexual experience with her husband. Indeed, a mind-blowing sex can literally mean blowing your memories off your mind–nobody wants that, right?

Don’t fret just yet. In case this happens to you, researchers say it’s just temporary and you’ll soon regain you memory and it doesn’t cause brain damage either as far as recent studies are concerned.

To go further into the details of what transient global amnesia is all about, let me cite the explanation given to the term transient  global amnesia as written in The Journal of Emergency Medicine. It says that  “transient global amnesia is characterized by the sudden development of dense anterograde amnesia, without alteration in level of consciousness and in the absence of focal neurologic deficits or seizure activity.”

Case Report: We report the case of a 54-year-old woman who presented to the ED with an episode of acute memory loss. Conclusions: Although rare, transient global amnesia may present in a dramatic fashion. The occurrence of a distinct precipitating event and repetitive questioning seem to be key features in making the diagnosis. Important differential considerations include transient ischemic attack, seizure, and subarachnoid hemorrhage. Brain imaging and specialty consultation are reserved primarily for patients with unclear circumstances, altered level of consciousness, focal neurologic findings, and persistent (or very brief) amnestic symptoms. Brain imaging may, however, relieve anxiety about more dangerous causes of the event.” (The Journal of Emergency Medicine)

If sex may be the possible culprit for transient global amnesia, does it change your perspective about having a mind-blowing sex with your partner? Anyway, experts say that it’s a rare condition which only affects a few percentage of people each year. It’s also not yet conclusive that having sex directly leads to temporary memory loss. Researches continue to study this case to further find evidence about the possible causes of transient global amnesia.

Meanwhile, just enjoy having a good time and a mind-blowing sex.

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