You Need Not Find A Cure For Everything That Makes You Weak

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First of all, I am glad that I am here again with my first post for this month of April after not having been able to blog for quite some time. It feels so good to be able to share my thoughts and insights once again.

Sometimes, I feel that a lot of things run through my mind. Maybe, I am just allowing myself to be drowned in a pool of thoughts which somehow cause me to drift away from reality. These thoughts somehow give me an overwhelming feeling   that often result in a state of bewilderment–I don’t know how else to describe it. I try to look for answers, uncover the truth, and find solutions to whatever I may be feeling and thinking lately.

As I was browsing online, I saw this picture with words that says “You Need Not Find A Cure For Everything That Makes You Weak.” I got struck by these words. I often feel that every time I fall trap into my own weaknesses, I always seek for things that would cure these anxieties.

It’s okay to welcome into our lives the bitterness of things that weakens us. Rather than trying hard to find for cure for things that make us weak, it’s better if we just try to strengthen ourselves and try to look on the brighter side–Perhaps, these things which make us weak would be the same reason that gives us strength to hold on– and I choose to hold on.

Advertisements of Black Eyed Peas Sets To Help Sendong Victims Today


Local celebrities have been extending their help through donations and distribution of relief goods to victims of Sendong in Cagayan de Oro and Iligan City. Many of them have voluntarily joined in different relief operations and offered their time to look after the needs of the helpless victims of the flash flood.

Black Eyed Peas member,, who is currently advocating quality education through ‘We Can Be Anything’ campaign, is set to visit CDO today, December 23, to personally help the victims of the tropical storm Sendong. expressed his concerns to the victims of Sendong saying, “I want to go personally and see what I can do to help.”

Apl also said that his friends in the United States have also set to help the poor victims. Accordingly, a charity auction was launched by Apl’s friends to raise funds for the relief operations and the rehabilitation of schools in the affected areas.

Meanwhile, in an awarding ceremony held last December 19, extended his prayers to the Sendong victims.

In his acceptance speech, he said, “Now, more than ever, I realize how important it is to give back to my country, particularly those most in need…In turn, it feels good to know that I have my kababayans’ support.”

Mo Twister Denies Uploading of New ‘Intimate’ Video


Mo Twister and Rhian Ramos

Mo Twister denies any involvement in the uploading of the latest video of him and Rhian in their very private moments.

“…This latest video was not one in my possession. It was not recorded on my laptop,” Mo said as he defended himself from anything to do with the uploading of the recent video.

The first video that came out and became widespread all over the internet was Mo’s confession about their (he and Rhian) decision to abort the baby, in which the said abortion was done in Singapore. Mo Twister denied the uploading of this video. He said that he sold his laptop, however, he made sure that he already deleted the files.

The new video, which caused many to react and give their opinions due to its sensual content, Mo, for the second time, cleared himself from uploading such scandalous video.

In his Tumbler account posted on December 21, he said, “I hope this all ends soon. I don’t even know how we are getting to this point. I know so many theories are out there on how these videos are being uploaded online. I hope I can be as clear as possible that this is not my doing. This latest video was not in my possession. It was not recorded on my laptop.”

Meanwhile, according to Rhian’s legal counsel, the actress has already sought a protection order from the court against the TV-host, Mo Twister.

Rhian Ramos and Mo Twister’s Intimate Moments Recorded on Video Go Viral


Rhian Ramos and Mo Twister

Just a month after the controversial video of Mo Twister that caused Rhian’s camp to file charges against the TV-host, another video of Rhian Ramos and Mo Twister is circulating in the internet. This time, the video shows the ex-couple having some intimate moments on the bed.

The ex-couple seems very much in love as the video shows the evidence of the couple exchanging sweet nothings to one another.

As seen in the video, Rhian sits on top of Mo Twister while they are videotaping themselves using Rhian’s computer.

In the video, Mo says, “Hi, this is me…this is my girlfriend…this is her computer…”

Rhian exchanges sweet words with Mo and openly tells her ex-bf that she loves him.

“Baby, I love you…” Rhian says to Mo.

Mo replies saying, “…and your sexy body”

The scenes in the video show Rhian and Mo kissing and caressing each other affectionately while they are recording themselves having some intimate moments at a private room.

Meanwhile, there is still no statement from both parties regarding the said video. It is not yet known how the video got into the social networking media. It’s definitely another devastating moment for actress Rhian Ramos as the video is becoming widespread all over Youtube and other websites.

Homemade Pizza!!!


I was just taking my time off yesterday strolling around town when I decided to bake pizza for dinner. I suddenly had this crave for pizza so I went to look for a readily-made dough at a local bakery store. Luckily, I found it somewhere nearby and it was very affordable-1 pack with 4 pieces of dough costs 22 pesos or half a dollar.

I then headed straight into the grocery to buy some stuff  for the pizza toppings when I realized that it was already dark. So, I rushed home and surprised Kurty and Ryan that our dinner would be pizza. As expected, they both complained why the heck only pizza for dinner. Well, I was already expecting that kind of reaction from them–the hungry boys need something more than pizza. Oh Well, I only ate pizza for dinner while the boys ate rice and ham, and of course, the pizza.

We had satisfied our hungry palates as we devoured every slice of it. I was absolutely full and I was overly pleased with how my boys enjoyed the pizza I baked.


The Right Bad Stuff

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photo credits: Rasmus Lindersson

Have you ever had those moments when something which was totally wrong felt so right? At the back of your mind, you know that you are not supposed to do or engage in things that would harm you and the people around you, and yet you insist on doing it your way. You ignore those little voices whispering into your ears, pleading you to STOP. But, in many cases, you don’t listen. You know and you’re aware of what those little voices are telling you, but you choose to do your own thing, your own way, and with your own assumptions and beliefs.

Have you fallen into a trap where it’s hard to get out, not because you can’t but because there’s something you hold on to and can’t let go? Sometimes, we get so attached with something or someone and that letting go seems so hard. You know you want to set yourself FREE from all the bewildering situations. But, how could that be possible when you just keep on holding on with this thing that gives you happiness even if it means it’s just momentarily and temporarily? It’s a weird feeling of mixed emotions–a psychedelic feeling that you can’t exactly explain what it is. You hate yourself from doing it, from wanting it, from ignoring the consequences. Yet, you don’t seem to mind when you are at a state of getting a dose of your addiction to something or someone.

How come there are moments when some of the BAD STUFF you do feels so RIGHT? Well, you know that it’s wrong, but you just intentionally shut your eyes, cover your ears, and do what you feel like doing however strong your conscience tells you not to let yourself fall into that trap. It leads you to nowhere except that you are caught in a spiral where you just keep on coming back and doing it all over again.

“My soul knows my meat is doing bad things, and is embarrassed. But my meat just keeps right on doing bad, dumb things.” ― Kurt Vonnegut

All Souls Day: A Tribute to the Faithful Departed


While some are looking forward to celebrating Halloween, others are already busy cleaning up the cemeteries. For most catholic Filipinos, November is the month of remembering all the beloved faithful departed.

In the Philippines, a yearly special non-working holiday is especially dedicated in honor of the dead. Some even travel miles just to get home in time for All Souls Day. All Souls Day has somehow become a celebration, a special gathering, and a reunion of families, relatives, and friends in cemeteries where their dearly departed ones are buried. People offer prayers, bring flowers, and light candles as they are part of the whole tradition during this special occasion. Often, it turns out to be a festivity rather than a solemn celebration. People eat, laugh, and reminisce the old times.

Once a year, every November 1st or the 2nd, my family and I visit our close relatives in their graveyards. However, for the past 2 years, I haven’t stayed too long in the cemetery ever since my mother and two sisters left the country and are now permanently settled in the US. But I guess this year, after I take a short visit in my great grandmother‘s tomb, I’d probably be staying a bit longer in my father’s graveyard. It’s my first visit to his tomb for this year’s All Souls Day since he just died few months ago.

Unfortunately, when my father died last July due to a freak accident, my mother and two sisters were not able to personally witness my father’s burial ceremony since they can’t just simply pack their bags and go home to the Philippines. It’s also unfortunate that they won’t be able to visit him this coming All Souls Day, but I am here anyway to pay homage to his grave site.

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