Jolo, diagnosed having bleeding in his brain according to Sen. Bong Revillame

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Bong Revilla and Jolo Revilla

In an interview with Sen. Bong Revilla by Lhar Santiago of Chika Minute, Bong shared about Jolo’s condition, which led him and his wife Lani to get scared.

Jolo was brought to the hospital for a check-up after complaining from a severe headache. When the first result came out, it revealed that there’s a bleeding in his brain area.

Bong said that he and his wife congressman Lani Mercado were so worried about doctor’s findings, and so they asked for a second opinion just to make sure. Luckily, it was not as malignant as what they thought at first based on Jolo’s first diagnosis.

Accordingly, Jolo’s brain was just swollen which could be one of the causes why Jolo was having headaches.

“Thank God at least hindi yung unang findings na sinasabing bleeding yung kanyang brain, siyempre kaya namin ipina-second opinion. Buti na lang maganda yung turnout nung test. Medyo swollen siya because siguro overwork siya,” Sen. Bong Revilla said in his interview.

Senator Bong Revilla also said that he advised his son to take it slow and to take care of his (Jolo) health.

Meanwhile, Bong also told about his movie Panday 2 which he is currently shooting with stars Marian Rivera, Rhian Ramos, Alice Dixon, Lorna Tolentino, Iza Calsado, and Lucy Torres-Gomez.


Blind Item: Daughter and Mother got late in an event, ordered food worth 10k

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According to a blind item published in pinoyparazzi, former actress and her mother were invited in a special event. However, they arrived late and only few remaining dishes were left. So, the two decided to order some food. But, it’s already not part of the event organizer’s responsibility to pay for the food they ordered because the foods they ordered were not listed in the menu which the organizers have chosen to serve to its guests. Accordingly, the mother-daughter team ordered some expensive dishes.

When the waiter approached them with the bill, the actress and her mother refused to pay for the food they ordered saying that they were invited as guests in the said event. The waiter explained to both of them that the food and drinks they ordered were not part of the event’s free food and drinks being served to guests in that event. The worst part is—they were charged around 10 thousand pesos for the food and drinks they ate and drank.

Suddenly, they spotted a rich friend who happened to also be one of the guests in that event. Accordingly, the mother and daughter tandem jokingly told their friend about the food they ordered and the amount they were charged to pay. Upon hearing this, the rich friend told them that he/she didn’t bring any cash, (some sort of an alibi) and besides, the rich man was not also willing to pay for the bill.

And so, the mother and daughter team were left with no choice but to pay the said amount worth ten thousand pesos, the total amount of food and drinks they ordered.

It’s a lesson learned for both of them—never come late when invited in a special event and make sure to order food within their means.

Mariel Rodriguez made her first appearance as host of Wil Time Big Time show

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Mariel Rodriguez, the newest Kapatid of TV5 network and an addition to the family of Willie’s prime time game show ‘Wil Time Big Time’, made her first appearance and grand entrance at the said game show last October 15.

“Mga kababayan naming, Kapatid, Kapuso, Kapamilya. Starting this day, magbibigay sa inyo at magbibigay saya sa ating lahat. Makakapiling po natin araw-araw. Please welcome, Mariel Rodriguez,” Willie proudly announced.

Mariel greeted the audience and Willie saying, “Hi Kuya, thank you mga kapatid, thank you! Maraming-maraming salamat po. Thank you so much! Wow! Kuya, naiyak naman ako sa sinabi mo. Pagkatapos ng lahat-lahat, thank you so much. Magkakasama pala tayo ulit, kuya. Thank you so much…”

“Thank you talaga. Maraming salamat. Hindi lang sko ang lumipat dito sa happy network pati mga Forever  Mariel. Maraming-maraming salamat,” said Mariel.

The other hosts of ‘Wil Time Big Time’ welcomed the former ABS-CBN host into the show. TV5 officials and TV personalities also warmly welcomed Mariel through a VTR that was specially prepared for her on her first appearance on the game show.

Meanwhile, actor Robin Padilla surprised Mariel through a serenade song entitled ‘Ipagpatawad Mo’ with a bouquet of flowers. The actor also extended his gratitude to ABS-CBN’s former show Wowoweewhere he first met his wife Mariel.

The show ‘Wowowee’ was the first ever game show where Willie Revillame and Mariel Rodriguez worked together as hosts of the show.

Latest issues on Pacquiao

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Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao

The upcoming Pacquiao-Marquez fight has already been marked as another exciting boxing match to anticipate by many pinoy boxing fans. The fight is scheduled this November 12, 2011 at the MGM Grand Arena, Las Vegas.

Pinoy boxing champ, Manny Pacquiao, has scheduled his training early for his fight against the Mexican boxer, Juan Marquez. Perhaps, Pacquiao felt the pressure of proving that he is indeed the better fighter since his two previous fights with Marquez have been tainted with controversial endings.

Meanwhile, during a recent radio interview, Pacquiao mentioned that he has plans to run for vice president this coming 2016 elections.“Come 2016 I am going to run for vice president…no more boxing at that time,” Pacquiao said in that interview. However, the 1987 constitution states that candidates for vice president must be at least 40 years of age at the time of election. Pacquiao won’t be turning 40 until 2019. Later, during another interview with the pound for pound king, Pacquiao denied his previous statement, and said that he was well aware of the age requirement for the position of vice president. He also said that he aims for the gubernatorial seat in 2013.

Another issue that struck Pacquiao was his alleged affair with a starstruck avenger, Princess Snell. Humor has it that Pacquiao gave the young star a car and a condo unit. On the other hand, in a showbiz interview, Princess Snell denied any links to the pound for pound king, Manny Pacquiao, she further claimed that she didn’t receive any gifts from the pinoy boxing champ.