Jinkee Pacquiao: “Suwerte ko, I’m the original, not the other woman”

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Kat Ordonez and Manny Pacquiao baptismal photos

Jinkee Pacquiao is once again plagued with rumors about Manny’s involvement in an issue that points finger to her husband Manny Pacquiao as the father of Kat Ordoñ ez’s son.

Kat Ordoñez is a 22-year old culinary arts student who claimed, via phone interview with Showbiz Central, that she only invited Manny to be one of the ninongs to her son’s christening after photos of the said baptismal was leaked and got published in a local tabloid, Bulgar. The said leaked photos were reportedly taken from Kat’s Facebook account and got widely spread after Bulgar exposed the said photos in one of their publications.

In an interview with Jinkee by PEP, she blatanly said, “Suwerte ko I’m the original, not the other woman.”

“This rumor is a distraction and a destruction…I will only slow and hurt Manny. I don’t want him to worry,” she further added.

Jinkee, despite her bitterness over the issue, continues to support her husband Manny Pacquiao and to prove that, she will fly to Las Vegas to watch Manny’s fight against Marquez.

“I love my husband very much. I trust him because he promised me he will not get involved with anyone anymore after Krista,” said Jinkee.

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Manny Pacquiao, is he just a ‘ninong’ or is he fathering the son of a culinary arts student?

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As ‘No Other Woman’ hails in the box-office, issues about Manny’s ‘other women’ keep on surfacing, one after the other.

A recent rumor that’s hovering around involves a 22-year old culinary arts student, who has been the subject of a local tabloid Bulgar.

The said tabloid featured some pictures taken during the baptismal event of the culinary arts student’s baby boy where Manny Pacquiao was invited as one of the ninongs. The ceremony was held at the St. Francis de Assisi Church and the venue for the reception was held at Shangri-la hotel.

Rumor has it that Manny is not just the ninong of the baby boy, but he is said to be the father of that child.

Recently, the 22-year old culinary arts student, Kat Ordoñez clarified the issue through a phone-patch interview at Showbiz Central. She denied the allegation linking her to the Saranggani congressman and the issue on Pacquiao fathering her child.

In that interview, Kat said, “Hindi po totoo yun…si congressman Manny Pacquiao, hindi po tatay ng anak ko.”

“Kinuha ko lamang siya na ninong ng anak ko sa binyag na naganap noong September 17 sa St. Francis de Assisi,” she explained.

According to Kat, the father of her child is in Dubai. She also pointed out that her ex-boyfriend (the father of her son) worked as one of Pacquiao’s assistant, and that’s the reason how she knew Manny Pacquiao.

Pia shared details of her wedding

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Pia Guanio

Pia Guanio described her wedding ceremony as “solemn”, “very meaningful” and “private.”

TV host Pia Guanio shared the details of her wedding ceremony to ‘Showbiz Central’ yesterday, October 9. Unfortunately, she couldn’t personally appear live at the set of the said talk show where she’s also one of the hosts due to her bad colds.

Pia kept the wedding plans a secret that even her co-hosts at ‘Showbiz Central’ didn’t know about it. Pia Guanio and Steve Magno got married last October 1, but the newly-wed couple managed to keep it from the public’s eyes. It was only in ‘Showbiz Central’ that Pia confirmed that she and Steve finally professed their love in an intimate ceremony.

Pastor Paolo Punzalan, son of the late Helen Vela and brother of Princess Punzalan, officiated the wedding rites. The ceremony was held at Steve’s parents’ house in Ayala, Alabang.

Pia said that there were only less than 50 guests who attended their wedding held at the garden of her husband’s parents. She added that those who attended were the ones closest to them—family and friends.

Accoriding to Pia, the ceremony only took 2 days to prepare while “the spiritual preparation took a month.”

Pia told her co-hosts at the show that preferred her wedding to be private. She said, “Ayaw talaga namin ng any kind of unnecessary distractions of what a really big wedding entails.”

“Kapag intimate ang isang okasyon, damang-dama mo.

During the wedding day, Pia said that despite weather disturbances brought about by typhoon Quiel, the wedding was meant to be because the rain stopped from pouring momentarily.

“It was meant to be. Tumila ang ulan para makapasok ang guests,” she said.

Meanwhile, co-host John Lapus asked Pia if the dress she wore during her wedding day was the same dress he (John) saw Pia trying to fit in the dressing room. John jokingly said that he thought that Pia will be attending a wedding ceremony as an “abay.” Instead, it’s the dress that Pia would wear for her wedding.

TV host Pia Guanio is now happily married

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Steve Magno and Pia Guanio-Magno

Yesterday, October 9, in a live via phone-patch interview with Pia by Showbiz Central, the TV host finally confirmed that she is already married to businessman Steve Magno.

When one of the hosts of the said TV talk show asked if she’s already married, Pia answered, “I will categorically answer that, and the answer is yes.”

It was just few months ago that Pia made it public that she was indeed engaged to his non-showbiz boyfriend Steve last May 7, 2011. In a short span after the engagement announcement which Pia made, she and Steve finally tied the knot in a very solemn and intimate ceremony as how Pia describes her wedding.

The TV host explained to her fellow co-hosts at the Showbiz Central the reason why she kept the wedding a secret.

“We just really wanted it private. And we wanted just a few people because we really wanted to concentrate on the ceremony, on the blessing, and the message from our pastor, “said Pia.

She further added, “So, we didn’t want any kind of unnecessary distractions which… a big wedding entails. So, minabuti na lang namin to just have our families present because, honestly, sila lang naman talaga yung pinakaimportante.”

although Pia Guanio was not feeling well during the interview, it was obvious that she was very happy to share little details which happened during the wedding ceremony.