Valerie Concepcion’s Tweet Stirred Negative Reactions on PNoy


Valerie Concepcion

Valerie Concepcion apologized to netizens after her tweets stating that PNoy was partying with the PSG resulted to many negative reactions.

Valerie was an invited guest at the Presidential Security Group (PSG) Christmas party where she was asked to perform for the PSG along with Jessa Zaragosa whom she mentioned in her tweets.

In one of her tweets, she said, “It was nice to see Pres. P-Noy laughing at my jokes & enjoying my performance.”

The controversial tweet which Valerie posted caused the Twitter followers to react on PNoy’s insensitivity despite the recent onslaught brought about by typhoon Sendong in CDO and Iligan City.

The actress was quick to respond upon learning that her tweet had stirred reactions and caused people to be furious on president Noynoy.

Meanwhile, Valerie already deleted the said tweet which she posted, and posted another tweet in response to the negative reactions made by people in her tweet. In her tweet, she said,

“I just want to clarify that I was invited to perform at Malacañang‘s Christmas Party for their employees with their husbands/wives and kids. Yes, the president attended the gathering. I do not see anything wrong with that since it’s his obligation and responsibility being the head of Malacañang to be present and show his support for his hardworking employees and their respective families. But I believe that it doesn’t mean that the president is not thinking of ways to help our kababayan(s) in Mindanao. It doesn’t mean that the president is disregarding the plight of our fellow Filipinos. Let’s not be too quick to judge.

“…But if I, in any way, offended you guys and sounded insensitive, I am very sorry. It wasn’t my intention to do either. I can’t imagine how difficult life is for the people affected in Mindanao and how difficult it is to be the president of the Philippines at this moment. Once again, I am very sorry for all those people I have offended. May God bless us all.”


Ruffa Gutierez: “It was not very nice and it was not very kind”

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Ruffa Gutierez and Shaina Magdayao

In an October 23 episode of TV5’s ‘Paparazzi’, Ruffa addressed the issue about her recent tweets which sparked curiosity among her followers.

Ruffa Gutierez, in her twitter account, she voiced out saying, “My gosh panahon pa ni Magsaysay…huwag ka namang mainsecure! There’s nothing I can do if my legs are longer than yours. Hellow!”

“No cure for the INSECURE! Kalurks ka girl!!! Seriously. Be real! That was so nineteen kopong kopong! I shouldve stayed home & slept.”

During that Paparazzi Sunday episode, co-host Zoren Legaspi asked Ruffa who she was referring to when she posted those controversial tweets in her twitter account. Zoren also said that he received some text messages from people asking him about Ruffa’s tweets and if he could name the person behind Ruffa’s strong words, which obviously was pointing to someone.

When all other co-hosts tried to squeeze out from Ruffa some information regarding the said controversial tweets, Ruffa finally shed light on the issue saying that John Lloyd sent her an apologetic message via text.

“I guess may mga things nangyari na hindi ko rin alam because I was just there as a guest so I didn’t know… I know that they were there; I was also in another part of the room with my mom and my dad.”

“I didn’t greet him, he didn’t greet me. But there were things that were happening pala between them na hindi ko alam,” Ruffa said.

When Ruffa was asked if there was truth behind the nasty text messages she told other co-hosts,

“I don’t wanna say kung ano ‘yung mga messages na ‘yon pero it was not very nice and it was not very kind. So bilang ayokong patulan, ang pinsan ko na galing sa States ang sumagot and said, ‘Please stop texting.’”

“The reason why I’m saying this now is because para ma-klaro sa lahat ng tao na, you know, pumunta ‘ko do’n bilang bisita ni Vina and I did my own thing [and] they did their own thing. So kung may gulo man na nangyari doon, wala akong kaalam-alam. I was totally clueless until I got the messages,” Ruffa told Paparazzi co-hosts.

What does Shaina Magdayao has to say on this issue? Is Ruffa the main reason of the rumored break up between John Lloyd and Shaina?

What The Facts: 10 Facts About Maybel

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10 Facts about Maybel

Oh well, I could not list down all of the facts you need to know about me besides there are tons, and some are mine to keep. Would’t you agree? So, I’ll just have a random pick of top 10 facts about me which I’d like to share. Do not be surprised if some are obviously obvious…haha!

1. I have a curly hair (hahaha…I already warned you that some facts about me could be very obvious) I remember that I used to have a straight hair…ahm, ah no! I think wavy. I just can’t figure it out how I turned to be a curly-headed lady. It’s a blessing in disguise I think–others adore my hair. Just kidding!

2. I’m jolly as a clown I really do think so and others too (am I right dear friends?) Anyway, I just hate being sad and constantly mumbling about life’s miseries. But, I didn’t say I don’t experience those kinds of animosities in life, everyone does. I just hate being sad and worried all the time. It just ruins the essence of seeing life at a brighter side. So, as the song goes, “…smile though your heart is breaking.”

3. I spend countless hours in front of my laptop  I stay at home most of the time…I mean, all the time. What else can I do? I hate some of the shows being aired on television so I might as well turn off the TV and turn on my laptop. Besides, I have a good justification for this now–I am working online. See! Well, I know I don’t entirely go online and focus on my work. Geeee! so what if I browse once in a while and have a chit chat with friends?!

4. I have registered accounts in Gmail, Yahoo, MSN, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Linkedin, StumbleUpon, Skype, MySpace, Bebo, Blogger, WordPress…blah blah blah…at least I already deleted my Friendster and hi5 accounts…hmm, did i miss anything? I am just trying to explore you know! Here’s a tip: I have a sticky pad on my desktop which I list down some of my username and passwords in some of the site I mentioned, in case I forget and which I do once in a while–pardon my amnesia.

5. I always wear something on my hair I can’t go out without a headband, a clip, or a payneta on my hair. I just feel so naked without any hair accessories stuck on my hair. I guess I just really got used to it ever since. And by the way, I sometimes sleep with my headband on and with pigtails tied on one side–it’s just a good way of waking up in the morning with a tidy hair and not the usual all messed-up hairdo after a whole sleeping hours tossing and turning on your bed.

6. I love my cup of coffee I can skip water after a meal but I can’t do without my precious cup of coffee in the morning, in the afternoon, and in the evening. I must be so in love and addicted to the taste of coffee. If ever I happen to skip drinking coffee in the morning I usually get headaches. I don’t know if it’s just my brain’s reaction. Perhaps, it’s telling me, “Hey, you forgot to drink your coffee, how could you?” or “Geee! how could you be so forgetful…here’s one heck of a headache to remind you that you haven’t sipped coffee this morning.”

7. I’m a super fan of ‘Pancit’ or rice noodles be it sotanghon, bihon, miki, canton or whatever, I simply like the so-called long life dish. I should thank the Chinese people because rice noodle cuisines originated from them. Here’s a trivia for you. Did you know that “the oldest noodles yet discovered were found in Qinghai, China“? (

8. I like driving motorcycle super fast I learned how to drive motorcycle when I was around 12 years old. The first motorcycle which I used in practicing was similar to a bicycle wherein you have to use the foot pedal to start its engine and let it start rolling. I usually speed up along the highway. I love the air, the thrill, and the speed–the smell of freedom.

9. I go to extremes at certain times Sometimes it just happens when I tend to be so timid or super hyper, extremely lazy or a freaking workaholic. I can stay up late working countless hours or turn into couch potato seemingly helpless and just do nothing at all the entire day.

10. I admire women with a nice pair of bumper Guys, do you think that you are the only ones who appreciate a lady’s bosom? Well, women like me also admire other girls with a healthy pair boobies–we do tend to compare whose smaller or bigger, right ladies? I really do like staring at healthy and ‘meaty’ bumpers…LOL–please excuse my description. Hey, don’t get me wrong, okay? I am definitely straight!

So, there you have it folks. These are my top 10 facts and I hope that you were able to get to know a little bit of me. Geee! I wonder if this got you bored.