It’s my son’s 8th birthday today and the best gift ever is that he is already feeling well. Just few days ago, he was high with fever. His temperature almost reached 39 degrees Celsius. I even suspected him of having dengue so I had him checked by a doctor, and had his blood tested for CBC platelet count. It was a relief that the result turned negative for dengue.

Funny how my son blames me for his sickness because I didn’t allow him to bring his jacket to school the other day. Kurt always tells me that he feels cold when he is inside the classroom because of the air-condition.  So it’s my fault then that he got sick for not letting him bring his jacket to school? hahaha…oh my!

It’s amazing how time goes by quickly. My son is now 8 years old and I am turning old too? Geeee! Last week, before Kurt got sick, I planned that we will just dine out and maybe go swimming in the pool to celebrate Kurt’s birthday–good timing because his birthday falls on a Saturday. However, since he just got well, I think that there’s a slight change of plan or I better ask Kurty what he wants. For sure, if  i’ll ask him what he wants, he’ll surely say TOYS!

Happy Birthday Kurty!!!